Tuesday, September 9, 2008

September 8th 2008

Considering I am more and more searching for old ways to do things, a few new things came to mind recently in the bath area. We want to start making soap soon, but that will be after Lisa's new cheesemaking kit gets started. I started thinking about shaving and what I could do other than keep buying the overpriced disposable refills for my razor. I hate paying $15 every time I need fresh blades, especially that much for 3 of them. I considered a straight razor, but I just can't help get past the fact that those things scare the hell outta me. I then remembered one dad had years ago, the top opened and it took the old double edged blades....THATS what I want!!!!!!! The search was on. I know Lehmans carries them, but we aren't going back there for a few more weeks, SURELY someone local carries these things......or so I thought.
I started off by checking at the closest drugstore.......lemme see......there's the cup....there's the brush......there's the lather soap.......there's the blades. They have to carry the razor if they have all this, don't they??? I gave up staring at the same 4 feet of isle space over and over, and asked a sales clerk. She looked at me like I was insane...."a what??". "I want the razor these blades fit in." again........a blind stare and "what?". She asked the pharmacist and he said "no we don't carry those".......off to another drug store only to get the same response. Someone told me that Wallyworld carried them, so I called rather than drive, only to be on hold at one store for 5 minutes with no pickup. I called another one, only to end up asking someone obviously too young to remember the days before XBOX, let alone what I was looking for, I hung up and didnt bother trying to explain more. I may as well have been talking physics to my bloodhound. I even called a beauty supply and a %^$#@ barber college, and got the same response. I went so far as to call mom and asked what happened to dads old one, only to find out she threw it away since "no one will use that old thing again".....GRRRRRRRRR. Looks like I have to bite the bullet and wait till the next Lehmans trip.
Soooooooo.....today I go visit my uncle and ask about borrowing his truck to help the kids move this weekend. We're talking general BS as we always do about what we are doing at home. He's the only one that really understands us and he's always supportive. I tell him the somewhat funny yet annoying story of my search for a razor, and he gets up and walks away. He comes back with a box in hand, and tosses me the razor I was looking for. I had to laugh, all that time calling and looking and Butch had one laying in a drawer lol. He tells me he got it years ago and just didnt like it. Of course I'm pretty ecstatic over my find, he just laughs at me. He tells me he has other things for me that he dug out that he thinks I may want. We walk to the garage, and there is an old hand crank-canvas bag seeder, a rug beater (lol), and a corn planter. YAY....I wanted a corn planter too! lol Butch has the best stuff laying around. That stuff is out in the van, and will be cleaned and (of course) played with later this afternoon. THe rug beater will just go on the wall, and maybe the corn planter till spring too. The seeder I'll clean up and probably use to plant a cover crop over the garden when everything is done.
I can't wait to try out my razor later tonight.......I'm like a kid with a new toy LOL

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