Friday, July 2, 2010

Doc results and a rather long rant

Well..........the virdict is in. My bloodwork came back and I had a dr. appointment on Thusday. I try to eat well as best I can, and I'm highly active, but my cholesterol was high. REALLY high-182. Nearly double what it should be. (100) So, along with the diet change, I started meds today to bring that down. I'm also going to dump the cigarettes once and for all. With the high cholesterol. smoking, family history of heart disease, and being male, I have 4 out of 5 risk factors for heart disease or attack. That is some pretty scary stuff. Tomorrow we're having friends over for a dinner that was already planned and all four of them smoke. I've decided to go as usual through tomorrow night and make the big changes starting on Sunday. What better day to totally change my life than on Independance Day? I'm really looking forward to this.

Right now I'm going to touch a bit on my viewpoint of the BP oil spill. Now first of all, I am in no way going to defend BP. What happened was completely avoidable and tragic. That isn't my problem or what I want to go into at all, so don't think I don't see how bad this all is. I do.

My problem with this isn't what happened, it's WHY it happened. I don't mean it's because of money hungry oil moguls going for that extra almighty dollar. I mean the DEMAND we have for oil. I look around when I'm out and still see the gas stations full of cars and trucks. (sadly BP still remains busy here) I do see the handfull of hybrids and electrics, but mostly I see normal gas or diesel vehicles just like always. Though we all hear the stories of oil shortages and see the ever rising fuel prices, people don't slow down at all. They bitch about the price, but they still fill up on their way to wherever it is they are going. Even at $2.85 a gallon a few weeks ago, I saw people filling their ski boats and jet ski's for a weekend at the lake without a single concern. I see them fill their cars as they head to aimlessly wander through the mall or to go see a movie. Not a one of them has, or will, change their lifestyle for gas prices or the *possible* oil shortage. (and no I don't believe that either) They continue on their same old routines and just pay the price no matter what. Well.....guess what. Supply equals demand.

Even the people who drive electrics or hybrids that get eight bazillion miles to the gallon are STILL contributing to the demand for oil. How? What is the interior of that electric car made from? And what is that stuff made from? Hmmm?? OIL. Yes, I mean plastic. And not just plastic in the cars we drive, but in everything we buy. Look around the room you are in right now and see what is made of plastic. Look at the computer you are reading this with. Look through your kitchen at all of the utensils, cups, food storage containers, jugs, bottles, cartons and wrappers all made of plastic. Even the people you see and read about being so "green" are surrounded by plastic. That solar panel on the roof, that fancy overpriced rain barrel, that hose running around the house to water those eight vegetable plants in your little garden, all plastic. Again, plastic is produced from fossil fuels, and again, supply equals demand.

I am well aware of recycling. We have a recycle program with our local trash company. But consider this: Those trucks that pick it up run on fossil fuels. The machines that grind and re-use it run most likely somehow on fossil fuels. It takes fossil fuels to make whatever is packaged in these containers, more to produce the containers themselves, more to ship that product, more for you to get it and bring it home, more to run the fridge that keeps it cool for you, more for that recycle truck, then the cycle starts all over again. It's a horrible vicious circle all run on fossil fuels. Once again, supply equals demand. It's really, really scary to think and look at how we use fossil fuels, and this is only one example. Though granted, it is a big one.

Is it possible to live plastic free? In today's world, I honsetly can't see how it's possible. Sure you can quit buying bottles of pop and get an aluminum water bottle, but that's a tiny part. Even using cloth shopping bags or opting for paper doesn't make much of a difference. Nearly everything we buy in a bottle is plastic. From ketchup to vinegar, from dish detergent to shampoo, all in plastic bottles. I don't see any way of changing this, even with all of the recycle programs in place. People continue to buy, so businesses continue to produce. Supply equals demand yet again.

Now I'm not going to try telling everyone to stop buying plastic. That is nearly impossible. I just want anyone that is reading this to think just a bit about the demand for fossil fuels and realize that it's far beyond gasoline and diesel fuels. Let me clarify once more that I am in NO WAY SHAPE OR FORM defending BP and the horrible mess that they have created. My reason for this post is to get you to think, just a little bit, about WHY they were offshore drilling in the first place. I know, I know, money money, big oil blah blah blah, but that's not my point so don't go there. My point is to just hopefully have one person, just one, see the big picture of the demand of oil from a slightly different perspective.

*climbing off the soap box for now*

Handshakes, hugs, and how are ya's where they belong....Chris

Sunday, June 27, 2010

MORE free stuff and an afternoon in yuppy hell

This weekend was yet another trip to the house to get more things that were left behind. I ended up with two metal shelf units, five more 4ft shop lights, a new push broom, a Hilti gun, (it's a tool that shoots heavy anchors/nails), some hand tools, and my come-along that was borrowed 3 years ago and left in a ball of twisted wire cable in the corner of the garage. Mike got eight of the pieces of 6ft privacy fence, and a few of the 4x4 posts that easily came out of the ground. My neighbor was kind enough to haul it with his trailer, grabbed a big pile of scrap metal, and hauled off the old paintball tank that he ended up buying. It was an old Amphikat...the six wheeled amphibious vehicle. He's going to leave the tank body on, rework it a bit, and turn it into a swamp hunting vehicle. It's sad to see it go, but everyone stopped playing paintball 2 years ago and it was just sitting. The artillary I spent weeks making was in the same garage and totally destroyed. Granted the things were made from pipe fittings in my garage, but they were pretty impressive. I was launching nerf footballs 300 yards with an anti-tank bazooka, and designed paintball mortars that were getting over 150 yards, both CO2 powered. There was no reason to destroy them, none at all. It was just total lack of consideration and respect, just like the house and everything in it. I'm just disgusted with my friend and the whole situation. I never expected any of this out of him.
Today was Lisa's neice's graduation party. It was held in a bar & grill in a area of Akron that I have always hated. Why? Because that area and it's bars are full of the people I dispise the most, yuppies. Sandal wearing, convertable driving, microbrewery beer drinking yuppies. I swallowed my pride and hatred and went along and played nice. Soon I was surrounded by people that I can't stand, and getting the usual stares for wearing a concert t-shirt and work boots rather than a designer mall store shirt and $100 dare I!!! The party wasn't really all that bad, and I played nice the whole time like a big boy. Not a comment or bird flipped at all. I deserve a smiley sticker and lollipop for being so good, hahaha. My sister-in-law on the other hand, made things difficult. She's one of those people who is miserable in her own life and strives to make everyone around her just as bad. She can't say "hi how are ya" at all. Instead it's "your hair looks like shit", "if mom knew you had a tattoo she'd just die", "what do you mean you don't drink pop? thats just stupid", or " I can't believe you would have all those stupid chickens". She can't play nice for anything. Luckily she doesn't come around here anymore and we only see her at holidays or family functions. None of us (me, Lisa, or Holly) can take her more than that. She has the ability to drain the fun out of anything. At least now we won't see her till at least Thanksgiving. WHEW no yuppies with a cue stick up thier rear end and a sis-in-law yet to be told off....where's that sticker and lollipop???????????
Right now it's raining, and has been off and on all afternoon and evening. We need this rain. It's rained a little here and there for the past few weeks, but usually just a half hour or so. We need a good overnight soaking rain for the gardens. The forecast calls for rain all day tomorrow too, but we'll see how that goes. If it rains or not though, I'll be spending the day inside doing my house-hubby things, working on the basement storage area some more, and just catching up on everything I am behind on. With the garden things, moving all the stuff from that house, the graduation party, working a few hours for Lisa's employer, and other misc things, I need a day to catch up. I'll also be trying to get the pool filled since it takes forever with a garden hose from the well. Oh yea, the pool was a freebie too. It's just a 12x3ft round chinamart pool, but free is free and it will be something fun to get out of the house in the evenings and on those hot and humid days. We already moved the picnic table (another freebie from the neighbor) out in the same area and will be moving the screen tent out there too. It's funny now how I have to search and measure yard space to fit these things in. The pool is at the end of the back patio, at the corner of the dogs fence and the garden. I ended up taking out one of the clothesline posts to put it there, hahaha. I'll be putting those elsewhere sometime this week. The screen tent will go between the main garden and blackberries, and behind the little horseradish bed. Yard space is getting harder and harder to find around here!!
Tuesday I'm finally going to be able to head to my friends house and get together a material list to start rebuilding her deck. They ordered the bathroom sink too, but it won't be in until July 8th. I have to start at my folks too, digging up clogged pipe in their buried spring in the backyard, cutting down some small tree's, and rebuilding the block thats cracked and moving by their side door. I'm gonna be a busy boy doing all this during the day and garden stuff in the evenings. At some point I'll be rebuilding the chickin killin' station too. I got 4-5 pieces of marble from a friend, (yet another freebie), that are 34x34x1inch thick and 104 years old from an old building in Cleveland. That marble will make a beautiful countertop next to the sink I have out there already. I remodeled it a bit last week when I butchered 3 chickens, making a bracket and mounting one of those stainless steel butchering cones over the sink. WOW did that make things easier. I won't go into gory details, but using razor sharpened pruners/loppers beats the old hatchet anyday, hahaha. Five more to go now possibly next weekend then it's time to watch for more free chickens.
For now I'll stop the endless babble and sign off. Time to read a few forums, check e-mail and head to bed. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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