Wednesday, December 9, 2009

I have enough chickens....oh wait...maybe not

Just when I thought we were done with chickens other than the 12 layers, I got the call from the neighbor. After I took the fencing and posts a few months ago, he decided to keep his birds with a small 4x8 pen area and let them free range most of the time. I expected, he got tired of taking care of them, and his wife got even too ****ing lazy to get off the couch long enough to search for eggs. As we were rounding up the birds, we found 18 in a cooler that was laying on it's side, 11 in a truck cap, and 3 in the henhouse I made for him this spring. None had birds on or near them, none were warm telling us they were fresh laid, so......not having a clue how long any of these eggs had been out there, all of them went straight to his trash. 32 eggs, what a waste of time. As much as I was disgusted by that, it really didn't surprise me. This is the same guy who refuses to buy any kind of chicken feed and tosses them the same "Ole Roy" that he feeds his dogs. That stuff is absolute garbage, horrible food that I wouldn't feed our dogs if it was free. *SIGH* can you tell I have no patieice with this guy anymore? Geez. Anyway.....he decides to keep the three mixed breed game hens and the one rooster for some reason, so I came home with 8 more free laying hens. All of them are young birds born this year, so they're still laying strong even with the onset of cold weather. I put them in the smaller half of the chicken run where the roosters were before they went to the freezer, and took straight for the feed & waterer. I figured they may have been upset over being caught, wrestled into a cage, drug across a field, and tossed into a house and run they weren't familiar with, but they've given 4 eggs already today (sunday) and seem relaxed and at home. Yea....I imagine readily available food and water would be a nice thing to have, even to a chicken. Yanno...I like the guy but I really hope he doesn't get any other animals next year.

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