Saturday, April 2, 2011

blahhhhhhhhh Ohio spring weather

The weather here is making me absolutely insane. A week ago it was sunny and 70 degrees. Monday, it decided to snow, and we ended up with 3". Now it's sunny, and though the snow is gone, it's not quite 40. The cold seems to be hanging around as long as it can, just like the snow did over the winter.

I have so many things that I need and want to get done outside, but this weather is keeping a lot of them on hold. I want to get the garden ready early, start some greens, clean some things up in the yard, and finish reorganizing the garage. I don't mind being out in the cold really, but I'm just tired of it. It's been a very long, cold winter, and it seems that it doesn't want to let go.

Because of the weather, the garden center job is on hold as well. They can't put out plants and young trees in this weather anymore than we can start things here at home. They need this weather to break just as much. I applied with a landscape company two houses to the south, but they are in the same boat, and also waiting for the weather. Whenever this decides to finally change, it's going to be very busy for everyone around here.

The book is going well. I have one chapter finished, and am working on the second. I may work on it later tonight, but I have other things I am working on and researching that keep the book from being the top priority. I really don't want to *make* myself write either. I'm afraid that if I force myself to think of things to say, I'll lose track of keeping it realistic and true to how I actually feel. I've been going back to it a few evenings here and there as thoughts hit me. I'm hoping that by the end of next week, I'll have the second chapter finished.

Right now, I'm going to get a cup of hot tea, and hit the herbal medicine & home remedy books for a nice, lazy afternoon. :-)

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