Monday, November 17, 2008

Monday morning and pics today looks like the first day of any snow accumulation has arrived. We got a bit over the weekend, but nothing stayed on the ground. I went to feed & water the critters a half hour ago, and there is about 1/2" on the ground and car. I don't dread driving in this, or the weather itself, but work today is going to be a pain. OF COURSE the day I plan to run pipe in the carport it gets cold and snows, lol, there goes that Murphy guy kicking me in the ***s again. Ah well....I grabbed the coveralls so I'll be fine, I just have to listen to all the other trades whine....yay. ugh. It's Ohio-it's November-we get cold and snow-deal with it guys, geeeezzz.
It was an odd change to go into the garage to feed and water the chickens and rabbits. Normally I just go in to get the feed, but now the animals are inside for the winter as well. I finally got to that yesterday morning, and I'm glad I did since we got this snow. I ran a 4 foot flourescent light to right above the chickens, and the rabbits are right beside them, maybe 3 feet away. It seems to light up that side of the garage ok, but I'm going to get a 2nd one this week along with a timer and hopefully heat lamps. I have to block two broken windows in the garage door and seal a bit around the doors to help block drafts, then it should be nice and cozy in there for them. I'll have to get more straw by this weekend for both, but that has to wait as well thanks to the huge amount of checks we've written in the past week. I have a tarp tossed over the grill and will get it all tied down today when I get home, and dig out another tarp to cover the Lowboy. I wanted it inside either the garage or carport thing, but I have more stuff than room, so it has to sit outside. At least where it's parked is a straight line to the garage for the plow, and close to electric to run a block heater. Next year I definitly have to do better preps for winter storage and thin down on some things! I'm playin the old "10 gallons in a 5 gallon bucket" game here, lol.

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