Monday, December 21, 2009


This year through Lisa's work, we "adopted" four low income families for Christmas. Two are couples with children, one is a single dad with three, and another is a grandmother raising two. We've had quite a bit of donations of clothes and toys, and also just over $600 cash! We spent 4 hours on Friday night shopping with this money, and managed to get almost everyone a few gifts each. Yesterday we had friends over to help us wrap. (baiting with dinner of course lol) Today I'll be going out for the last few things, wrap them, and we'll drop everything off tomorrow.
It's been a rough year for us at home, and our gift piles are pretty small. But we have a roof over our heads, plenty to eat, and will be just happy for all of us to spend christmas day together. We're all grown adults here, and we know it's been a hard hear for all of us, but getting things for these families helps to bring happiness to us. Thinking that some kid wasn't going to have anything to open on Christmas morning was just too sad. I wish we could somehow be there to see their faces..but we know, and thats enough.

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