Monday, June 8, 2009

Back from camping

Well...we got back from our small 3 day camping trip yesterday around 2pm. We got home, parked our a$$es on the couch, ate, and ended up taking a nap, lol. Somehow camping just wore us out, so I was kinda expecting a nap anyway. I *was* expecting to have the truck unloaded last night, but that ended up waiting till this morning. No rush anyway, it's been raining here most of the day, so my plans on picking up the railroad ties from my folks place will just have to wait. I'll just return the truck tomorrow and worry about the ties later.

The weekend trip was a lot of fun. We got to see and spend time with people we haven't seen for a few years, so it was a wonderful time. We had friends driving in from all over the country....Wisconsin, Kenticky, Arizona, Texas, Kansas,Pennsylvania,Oregon, and the two of us, all going to our friends farm in southern Ohio. All in all there were 11 people, though we had expected 14. One had car problems at home in Indiana, another in N. Carolina had work problems and couldn't leave, and another here in Ohio was called to weekend duty by the Reserves. Even though we were light a few people, we all still had fun talking about old times and catching up. next years plans are already in the works, including even more old friends, even a couple now living in New Zealand. I can't wait for next year and we just got back from THIS one, lol.

We got back to more strawberries than we know what to do with right now,so we've been munching on a big bowl full since I picked the first batch last night. We'll start on jam later this week, but since our friend from Oregon is here until Friday evening and Lisa is on vacation, we'll just have a lazy week and let the jam-making wait. Lisa did manage to get out the rest of the cucumbers and carrots before the rain started, and I planted the blackberry and blueberry bushes that we recived as gifts for Lisa doing all the cooking for the party. Everything else already planted is looking great, and we'll put in the second double 45 foot row of green beans when the rain stops. I wont even guess when that will happen, after all it IS Ohio, and the weather changes hourly. lol

For those readers that are also my followers and on my read list: I am reading your posts, I'm just limiting comments to eliminate some computer time. I was getting too busy to spend time sitting here, and sitting here while there were things to be done. I'm just taking a bit of a blog-commenting and writing break for a bit to catch up and enjoy this time of year. I'll be back in the swing again very soon.

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