Friday, October 3, 2008

Friday morning and colllllllld

This week has been slow on doing things around here. The weather has been cold and rainy, a few nights we dipped down to the low 40's, and kept me out of garden work. Tonight I'll be picking the last of the tomatos and peppers so Lisa can finish the canning over the weekend while I'm working some overtime. Till this jobsite is caught up, we'll be working 10 hour days through the week and 8's on saturdays, so the Lehman's shopping fund grows lol. I figured that with an extra 16 hours at time and a half, I should bring home another $450 a week till this is done, yippee!!
Since the weather has been kinda crappy, I've been putting together my basement room little by little. It's going to be a SHTF/emergency room, as well as my office and a sort-of second living room. I've brought all of the homesteading/self suffiency/gardening/etc... book down here and have them all up in the desk shelves. Also I brought in all the camping gear, camp cookware, lanterns, oil lanterns, lamp oil, fishing, and hunting gear that was stored all over the house and in the garage. It sure makes it nice to have it all in one place. Now I can inventory everything and know what we need to stock up on. After it's all set, this winter I'll move in the gun safe FINALLY and get all that back in order after a few years of collecting dust. I'll also be giving the generator a permanent home in the mudroom at the back of the house. It'll be easier to get to and run cords inside, plus closer to the well pump which I plan to fit with an emergency plug. When I'm finished with this room, in the event of an emercency, even in winter, we can practically live out of it...I can't wait to see it done.
This sunday I'll be clearing out the right side of the garage and moving the rabbits inside, then making the bigger chicken coop for in there as well. I never got around to getting the woodburner from my uncles and rigging it up, but I'll have electric heat and light out there for them so it'll be fine.
Ooops just realized the time, gotta fly to work. More to come soon.........

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