Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Entry for April 18, 2008
Of course, no work again today. I was supposed to go to this one jobsite today, but he called and asked if I could come on saturday instead. So, i'll be working tomorrow and getting more done here today. At least the weather is beautiful.
I got quite a bit done yesterday. I spent pretty much the entire day in the garden, and have the years first minor sunburn to prove it lol. I got the rest of the fugitive weeds pulled, and tilled the rest of the garden. Found some string, and cut up a bunch of small scrap lumber for stakes, and layed out the whole thing. Once it was all layed out with string, I grabbed a trusty rake and started making the raised beds in front. My Troy-Bilt tiller goes fairly deep, so it was easy raking, and let me get the beds 8-10 inches high. The first one is 2 feet wide, the second is 4 feet wide. After these were done, I was sitting on a bucket in the shade; taking a break and drinking some water, looking at the progress. It was then, I decided to go ahead and do the whole rest of the garden in raised beds. (except for the last 2 rows which will be corn) I think it will make it easier to harvest, and also easier to thin, mulch, and compost. I got the whole thing done except for 2 rows, and those will be done today. By the time 5:30 rolled around, I was just too tired to do anymore since I had started out there and went non-stop since 9am. (actually so tired that I fell asleep in the chair watching Greenovate, and woke up still in the chair at 7am lol oops) Hopefully today I can get that finished, and stake down the timbers for the strawberries, get that sod up, and get it tilled. I still have to decide what I am going to use on the pathways in the garden. I want something to cover it for weed prevention, and to keep the soil from drying out. I may for now get the giant pile of pine needles the neighbor had raked up. Weather permitting, I'll transplant most of the horseradish from the back of the garden to a section of the new raised bed in front too. I'm still thinking of making a small herb garden somewhere as well, but we arent sure of that one yet. I had to laugh at myself yesterday for a bit. I had planned on using landscape timbers to seperate each bed along the length, at the ends, and in between each small bed on the raised ones. How I didnt add this up before is beyond me, but when I did, I realized that I will need 972 feet, or roughly 121-8 foot timbers. OOPS lol don't think that one's going to happen anytime soon. Looks like just piled up soil beds for now!

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