Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Entry for August 25, 2008
Today I decided to take a break from it all and relax. I'll read my usual forums, write in here, and sit with a book that I've been meaning to start. I just needed a break lol.
This past weekend, Lisa didn't leave the kitchen at all, except Saturday night when our weekly Bill visit was going on. She canned more in 2 days than I could have ever imagined. She did another 18-20 pints of peach jam,10 more grape jelly, 8 more blackberry jam, pepper spread, pepper relish, and when I picked half of the corn for her, she froze 32 full ears, and canned another 12. We still have the tomatos to can, along with pickled peppers, salsa, and one more good batch of grape jelly. That's gonna be our 3 day weekend lol canning. I pulled close to 30 good sized onions, let them sun dry for a few days, and hung them in the pantry. I still need to dig & hill the potato's, that will probably be tomorrow. There's a literal TON of horseradish to dig and grind, so that'll be my job as well since no one else eats it. There are plenty of misc herbs to pull and dry, and that will leave the cold frame open for the yet undecided winter greens. It just never ends lol. Sometimes I'm still amazed at what we're able to do on one acre.
The chickens are doing really well, though 1 isn't laying quite yet. We both seem to think she's a bit younger than the other 2 and should come around to laying anytime now. I have to admit, my friend Tammie was right....chickens are addicting. We already have plans to build a coop behind the garage, wrapped in privacy fence, for next year. We'll slowly buy all the materials over the winter, so it will be ready in spring. We still gotta decide if we'll get peeps or just order pullets, but there's all winter to decide on that one. I did manage to pick up a big angle iron frame on wheels from a jobsite, and plan on turning it into a bigger chicken tractor with nest boxes. This thing is 9'4" long, 3' wide, and 4' tall, mounted on 6 caster wheels, and the sides hinge down on both sides. I'll flip it sideways,remount the wheels, bolt the bottom rigid, and the top hinge piece will be the entire roof. It will give them a lot more room, and will be easy to roll into the garage for the winter. I have to cut down the legs on the rabbit hutch before winter too, ooooooops, it's almost a foot taller than the garage door. lol guess I got a bit carried away.
This winter will be a bit different than most in the past. It will be spent reading for the most part, reading and making plans for next year.We have lots of ideas to take further steps in our journey toward self sufficiency,most of which will be started as the snow falls. Butter making, cheese making, and wine making will top he list. I'll have a good sized room back, and plan on using it to get my hunting and fishing gear back in order. I'm going to put a few new guns in layaway at the local shop for next year as well. I'm missing a few things that I sold and now need replaced, so that will be a priority. I need another good .22 mag rifle, 20 guage shotgun, and .22 revolver.I won't be missing season next year again due to being so unorganized. It's a bit late this year to start, so I'll just sit out this year and wait.....but next year, look out! lol

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