Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Home again early today, thanks to no materials....great! I can catch up on a few projects! WRONG!!!!!!!! ^%$$#@#@@! rain, grrrr. Oh well, got some things I can do inside at least. Gotta fix a leaky sink, replace a window, and finish the shopping list for the rabbit hutches.
I have to get in a bit of a hurry on the hutches since I found a local breeder. He'll have kits ready in 3-4 weeks for $15 each, californians. I kinda had my heart set on NZ whites, but these will do just fine. More than likely, I'm going to sell my salmon fishing gear to pay for the whole project. I havent gone in a few years, and the stuff is just collecting dust, so why not. Dusty gear=dusty gear, and cash=rabbits and hutches, just makes sense to me.
Somehow I always manage to give myself more projects than I can handle, always been that way lol. Last week I kept sitting and staring at the fire pit, and talking to Lisa about using it to cook and can on, my mind kept running on the idea. Soooooo.....I drug that monster wood furnace out of the garage, (cracked firebox anyway), cut the top off, and fitted the grate/grill to fit on it. I set it where I wanted it, cased the whole thing in cement blocks, and started to wrap the whole thing in stone and cement. (partially done pic above) I was making good progress yesterday, but got cut short by the rain....AGAIN. When it's all done, I'll take the leftover block and stones, and make legs for a small table for a work area, and I have a small stainless steel sink I'll put out there too. We're always washing something out there with just a hose, and the sink was a freebie, so why not. It'll come in handy when I start with the rabbits too. Now to start scroungind firewood.....
Everything in the garden is doing GREAT. We've been eating greens and onions for a long time, and the strawberries, and Saturday we pulled some beets and turnips, yumm. The blackberries are hanging FULL of green berries, hopefully we'll see the sun again before August so I can pick them lol. The corn is almost knee high, so thats looking good, and the tomatos have blooms on most plants, same as the peppers. The cukes and squash are vining like mad, so it shouldnt be long there either. All in all, its looking like a really productive year.

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