Tuesday, September 9, 2008

August 26th 2008

Another 2 days of garage tinkering has paid off, and I finished Lisa's solar dehydrator. All it needs is a coat of paint and it's ready to go. I'd been planning on making this thing all summer, but there was always some other project ahead of it. But thanks to my awesome lumber find from craigslist, and the freecycle windows from late spring, I had all the materials to build it except the window screen on the lid and air vent. I'm hoping we get good weather this weekend so I can try it out...can't wait to see if it works as well as everything I read.
No other real news since I wrote here yesterday, other than Lisa's work. Apparantly the dr's are so impressed with all the new patients she has brought in this month (25 already), that there is talk of a $1000 bonus! Not a bad deal since you gotta figure each patient is roughly $5000 each for the dr's. She really likes it there; as much as she can love working at least; and the dr's are great people and treat the employees well. They regularly throw birthday parties for employees, picking up the tab for 25+ people each time at a nice bar or resturant. This check will help out with the homesteading supplies, and more than likely result in another Lehman's trip....YAY!
I gotta get off here, just wanted to make a quick post and put up the pic of the dehydrator. I need to get to bed soon since I have to be out the door at 5am, ick. We have to go to the shop, load up pipe and materials, and get it unloaded on the 9th floor of a building in Cleveland before 7am. Sounds fun eh????

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