Tuesday, September 9, 2008

First Posting Here

My first post here will be a brief introduction. After that, I am going to copy and paste my blog from somewhere else since it seems to never be read there.

I'm 43 and happily married, actually 8 years today. We live just outside of Akron Ohio on one acre, yet strive to be as self suficient as possible. We grow a large vegetable garden (65x90), strawberries (close to 200 plants), blackberries (24ft commercial and 32ft transplanted wild), melons, pumpkins, blueberries, and herbs. We also have chickens and meat rabbits. Our goal is not only self-suffiency, but also simplicity. We're trying to get as far away from all modern "convienences" as we possibly can. We light the majority of the house with oil lamps and candles, we hang our clothes out to dry and are currently in a search for a wringer washer. We own a tv, but it's rarely on, and we're turning off the cable after this weekend when my stepkids move out. most of our spare time is spent reading and talking anyway. We'll keep the tv though to watch movies since we both have a love of old horror movies. We haven't owned a microwave for going on 4 years, and have dumped most electric kitchen gadgets for hand operated ones.
We can almost everything we grow, plus take advantage of an abandoned apple orchard next door for applesauce and pie filling. There are also grapes over there which supply us with jelly, and pears for preserves. Lisa makes all kinds of sauces from tomatos, as well as various pepper spreads and jellies for me. Everything goes into two closets converted into pantries, and may soon move partially to the basement since we are almost out of room and have a LOT more canning to do. The pantries stay full with not only home canned goods, but store bought food supplies as well. We try to keep a good backstock of all our basic necessities, and fill it when we find things on sale. Our ultimate goal is to have one years food supply on hand.
Well that's enough about me (us) for now, I'll move my other blog posts here, then start my new ones possibly tomorrow.

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