Monday, September 14, 2009

Harvest season

I'm sitting here taking a 5 minute break while some tomatos cool that just came out of the canner. I did 12 quarts whole tomato's, and will more than likely have 12 more to go tomorrow, though I'm thinking of some kind of preserves added in the mix. I was looking at the other 2 buckets of tomatos and bucket of apples, and started wondering what our total count was so far this year. I dug through notes and got it all figured out. Keep in mind, this isn't counting greens, onions, peppers, squash, etc that was just eaten fresh and not put up. Also remember that weight totals don't include what was canned, so some may appear more than they are.

9qts potatos
6pts dill pickle slices
6pts dill pickled green beans
9pts dill pickle spears
12pts bread & butter pickle slices
10pts jalepeno slices
14pts hot wax peppers
60qts green beans
15qts sauerkraut
12qts whole tomatos
6qts spaghetti sauce
60 ears sweet corn (frozen)
8-1gallon freezer bags broccoli
12 qt freezer bags sliced green peppers
28lbs strawberries
11lbs blackberries
60lbs potatos (basement)
26 1/2lbs onions (basement)
30 1/2lbs roma tomatos
40 1/2 lbs other tomatos
52 1/2 lbs cabbage
8 qt freezer bags sliced yellow squash

We'll still have more tomatos, applejuice, applesauce, apple pie filling, more peppers, and a few other odds and ends to's not over yet!!! Ooooooo I gotta do chili yet sometime too...and chicken soup lol

Even now as I sit here and look at this list, I'm amazed at how much food we can get off of one acre, even just out of a 45x65 foot garden. Add in the eggs, rabbit meat, and chicken from all the freebie roosters and it's been an awfully impressive year.


Leslie said...

Wow, your list is very impressive. and all on one acre. You are my inspiration. I would love to can some home grown tomatoes one day but haven't been able to get enough yet to bother. There's always next year though.

small farm girl said...

WOW!!!!!!! If people think they need a lot of land to make it, they haven't seen your blog yet. Way to go!!!!!!

Jeannetta said...

Fabulous! I'm so looking forward to next year!
I haven't forgotten about the Jalepeno jelly; we're moving, seems I packed that cookbook already! Sigh. I'll get it to you eventually :)

Barb and Steve said...

Wow! That's a lot of food. Congratulations on your harvest! Wish we had a lot of tomatoes to can. Ours didn't do well this year.

Kory said...

impressive...most impressive.

60 qts green beans!? that is crazy awesome!

Chris W said...

Thanks for the comments folks! It's taken us 10 years of growth and careful planning to get to where we are now, so it hasn't been exactly easy.

Barb-Other than the romas, our tomatos didnt start to ripen until about a week and a half ago. FINALLY!!!

Kory-that many beans was easy with two double 45 foot rows, lol. And to think we gave away 3 or 4 5-gallon buckets full,lol.

Jeannetta-No rush on that recipe. I found one in an old KERR book that I'll be trying soon.

MEB said...

Run your tomatoes through a blender and let set overnight. Tomatoes will settle and leave fluid on top. Remove most of the liquid with a baster(bulb)now you can cook it down, saving labor and gas/eletric. Works well for tomato juice and for sauce. I like my tomatoe juice thick, not watery, and you can still cook it down for sauce.

Chris W said...

MEB that would work fine if we had a blender, lol. That was one of many electric gadgets we gace to goodwill, all thats left is a toaster and 2 crock pots. We prefer doing things in older ways, though some think we're nuts.

Gloria said...

I'm so envious!!! I so want to live like you. Even tho' we live in a town house in a small town in the mountains of Andalucia, we still freeze, can, bottle and juice all that we are able to whilst planning and saving towards a small holding . . but it takes so much money to achieve.

I'm new to blogging so am very happy to have found you. Hope you'll pop over and visit my blog. Perhaps you'll have a laugh or two with me at the very least!

I'm off to sign up to follow you now.

Will be back to look thru some of your earlier posts . . 'cos right now, I think I'm hooked!!

Have a great rest of week!

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