Friday, September 18, 2009

Another kitchen day

Today I decided to go ahead and make some chili to can. I didn't follow any recipe, so it was just made on the fly. I used some hot chili peppers, lots of jalepenos, a few green peppers, plenty of fresh tomatos, 3 onions, lots of seasonings, and LOTS of black beans. I love black beans, so I decided that this first batch would be nothing but them. I just tasted a bit and I gotta say its pretty good! This batch isn't very big, so I don't expect to get but 3 or 4 quarts out of it, (less what I eat of course), but I'm ok with that. It will be 3 or 4 more than none! LOL the smell is so strong in here right now....all those peppers and spices in the chili, plus the pot of roma's cooking down. Mmmmm.....strong but heavenly.

Yesterday's canning went well..... The kraut looks funny since I mixed half and half green and red cabbage. The pumpkin on the right is out of the garden too. We kept looking and looking at that big thing and finally decided to pick it. It's 33 1/2 pounder!!! There are 5 or 6 more out there still, but nowhere nearly as big. Last night we did an actual count on empty canning jars, WOW. This spring we had a 6x8x2ft shelf stacked completly full, and almost half of another one the same size. Last night we counted 13 wide mouth pints, 8 widemouth quarts, and 32 regular quarts. Those will get burned up fast when we start soup.

We're taking this weeking off of all homestead duties. Tomorrow Lisa is working a half day, and after she gets home we're going to a Mabon festival not far away and having a bonfire later that night. I'll more than likely clean the chicken house in the morning before she gets home, it's definitly overdue. Sunday is her neice's 18th birthday, so she'll go there. I'll drop her off and I'll go visit my folks since they're only 10 minutes away. I've been going over during the week, but decided to wait to save on gas in the car. Besides, always being the only guy at her family functions isn't always fun, lol. Even when there are guys there, there's always a game on tv, and me being the lone guy that hates sports ends up sitting with the women anyway. Those people still can't figure me out. I *HATE* sports, I've never watched a game in my life. I don't sit around and swill beer. I don't golf. I don't wear pretty little matching shorts and gym shoes. I talk about getting rid of electric gadgets while they go on about their new $4000 plasma tv. I help around the house. I enjoy gardening and being outside. I'd rather spend my money on a new shotgun than a gym membership. *sigh* I'll never fit in with those kinda people lol ah well......I kinda like being a hermit!!!!!!


Angie said...

The chili sounds good! I will run out of shelf space for the canned stuff this week! Can't believe it!

Anonymous said...

Hi! Just wanted to introduce myself, I'm a new follower of your blog - my husband and I are from Akron, but have been living in Florida for four years. We're moving back to Akron in spring of 2011.

You've got a wonderful and informative blog, I look forward to reading through all your past posts!

littlegreengardengal said...

Although I'm a woman, I can second you on the "hermit" thing. Some of us just weren't made for running around in high society.
I think it's great how you like to can. Now if I could just find a single guy my age like that around here... :)

Anonymous said...

The beans you're cooking look pretty darn good me some. You never know when I may show up on your doorstep looking for some of those beans and tomatoes. I enjoy following your blog, glad I signed up. Txpine

Leasmom said...

Oh god that looks good!!! Good job!

small farm girl said...

My husband is the same as you. He dosen't like sports either. It's hard for him to fit in with the guys when we go to family gatherings too. But, every once in a while he does find someone with the same interests that he has. Usually an older gentleman.

Chili looks great! Send some down my way!

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