Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Something a lil different

As some of you may know, I'm a HUGE music buff. Well....not ALL music, I'm a metalhead. Have been since I was 12 or 13 years old. I'm not one to change my taste in music just because I'm older, in fact I like it this way. I like being the gray-bearded old guy with Slayer cranking from the stereo and smoking a pipe, it confuses people, lol. Just 'cause I'm almost 44 doesn't mean I have to toss out a 30 year music collection and start listening to the Carpenters and John Denver!
With that being long time buddy Bill tells me 2 weeks ago that he got us 2 concert tickets for Whitesnake and Judas Priest. I'm pretty excited about this one, since this year is the 30th anniversary of their British Steel album, and they will be performing the entire album live. (Anyone who has listened to ANY rock radio station over the past 30 years has heard Breaking the Law!) Bill always gets the good ticket deals!!!!!!

Anyhoo....we get there around 6pm, and watch a friend's band perform on a small stage set right on Lake Erie. Greg has sang in several bands over the time I have known him...Digital Nerve, Breaker, but I think his new project called H.A.T.E. will be the one to remember. He's a great singer, great lead guitar, and has an awesome stage presence. Their first cd is due to be released this fall, I can't wait.

Whitesnake went on at 7:20 on the dot, and WOW was I impressed. Though it wasn't the band lineup that people remember from the 80's hayday, they sounded great. David Coverdale sounds awesome, especially considering he is in his late 50's. Of course they did the expected 80s hits, (Still of the Night, Here I Go Again), but they did some old ones that I always liked better. Hats off to ya David, still doing a wonderful job.

After a break between sets, Judas Priest went on at 9pm. HOLY HELL I forgot how loud those guys were! LOL! Bill remembered ear plugs, me? Of course not. Ah well....ringing ears makes me remember every note, lol. They did the entire Judas Priest album (less one song), then went on to do some other songs, some of which I didn't expect to hear. They did my favorite 3 though! Green Manalishi, The Ripper, and Diamonds & Rust. They did a few others, then left the stage, returning for an encore, which ended up being the (as Bill called it ) extended dance 20 minute mix of Breaking the Law. We left when the song started, just to be able to get to the car and out of Cleveland, avoiding the rush of everyone else.

It was a great time, seeing 2 bands I have been listening to since I was about 14-15, and who better to see it with than a friend of 40+ years. I'm glad I got to see it, though my ears are ringing and trying to tell me "you're getting too old for this s**t"........ahhh, never listened to em before, why would I now!


Kory said...

the only appropriate response I can muster is to throw up the metal horns

Hell yeah.

Jen said...

Glad ya'll had a great time. Did ya'll get mullet haircuts for this concert and wear those tight 80's jeans wif tanktops? lolololol.

Chris W said...

Yay Kory, at least someone knew the proper response, lol.

ppppppppp jen, up till abour 3 years ago, my hair was past my shoulderblades lol Think it was 16" I had cut off when I finally decided I was tired of sweating and spending 20 minutes "doing" my hair every morning, lol.And just so ya know, I wore jeans and my ostrich western boots, :-P

Jen said...

Glad you cut it. S' not cool takin' longer than yer wife to do your hair. You Redneck. BTW, Whitesnake's cool. I have one of their greatest hits cd. Dint they wear some kind of skin boots too? lolol.

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