Monday, July 13, 2009

back from my trauma....

The past few days have been rather slow around here. Yesterday we set up a pretty big yard sale and sat out there from around 9am till just after 6. Now we can buy that farm maw! Hitch up the mule! We made $17.50!! Geez what a waste of time. I may try it again on Wednsday, or I may just give up the idea, put a few things on craigslist, and take the rest to Goodwill. I can't believe that no one wanted any plaid leisure suits or polka-dotted curtains, geeeez...picky picky picky!!!!! I even tried using my crippling injuries from the hornet attack for pity from buyers.....but that didn't work either. Drat, foiled again.

Lisa made a sign to put out, though it didn't help. "help pay our bassets dental bill". I should mention that Hank needs a tooth pulled since it was abcessed. The vet bill and meds were $77 today, and his oral surgery on Thursday will be another $250......arrrgh! Yep, the hot water tank has to wait even more now....ah well. 'tis the price you pay with pets.

On Saturday, I kept staring at the load of lumber I brought home from Lisa's work, and decided to go ahead and make that chicken killin' station that I mentioned. I'm happy with the results, though I do want to get the whole thing off the ground on either blocks or landscape timbers. It's a bit low, and I don't want the wood directly on the ground. Either way I'll get it finished, it's just gonna take time and money. I still want to get one piece of 6x8 privacy fence to block the station from view on the side by the side-road. I don't think anyone wants to watch me cleaning chickens around here, lol. My modified turkey frier to chicken scalder fits right underneath, with the stock pot for it and the plastic tool box we keep all the outdoor cooking/bbq gadgets in. The faucet isn't hooked up yet, but I may hook it to the garden hose. Not much of a point really when I can just use the hose. I thought about making a 5 gallon bucket with a lid into a solar water heater, but thats a little overboard for something to clean chickens and vegetables on, lol.

I should have mentioned it in my last entry, but due to the massive trauma from my hornet injuries, I wasn't thinking right.............I dun went an' gussied up the tractor for the weddin'!!!! Thats right! She got a whole over coat of yellow, the hood got 3 coats of white, the engine got 2 coats of black high heat/engine paint, and I even went to far as to use a free can of chrome paint on the carb and a few other parts. WooooHooooo this sho' is a fine lookin' tractor fer a weddin, if I do say so ma-self. I know, I know, I need the rest of the decal/stripe, but hey, that kit is 60 bucks! That ther' weddin' ain't THAT fancy!!!!!


Kaegra Darastrix said...

Wheee-ooo *insert 'She thinks my tractor's sexy' song here* Hot damn that is one fine lookin' piece of machinery. Watch out for more killer swarms of hornets, but I think you scared em off with that wild tarzan/shaggy dance. XD

Anonymous said...

Wowie~Kazambo!! look how pretty that tractor is!! a new padded yellow seat would be great! How much longer till the GREAT WEDDING? Can't wait for pictures. lol...debbie PS - glad you are recovering from the dasterdly hornet attack.

Chris W said...

Ahh little viagra wife leaves no details out of her version of the story, does she? LOL

Debbie, I'd LOVE to have this nice yellow padded seat I saw at TSC, but alas, the thing was $70. I don't mow with this thing a lot, but that hard fiberglass seat sure gives my butt a poundin',lol.

The wedding isn't till August 29th, so it's still a ways off. No since in waiting till the last minute though!

AutumnRose said...

woooo-weeee! That's a mighty purdy tractor you'ns have :-D

(great job painting, btw)

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