Saturday, February 7, 2009

SOS- same old saturday

Today was kind of a lazy day, what the hell, not like I have anything important to do by since my weekend is extended to a couple months lol. I cleaned a bit downstairs, set up the brooder for the chick's arrival tomorrow, and pretty much just sat on the couch watching a dvd and reading the new Countryside that came in the mail yesterday. The brooder sat with the heat lamp on for 2 hours,. and read a steady 95 degrees, so it's ready to go....just gotta wait for the call tomorrow from Tammie to go pick 'em up.
Tomorrow I'll be starting a few other projects around the house that have been on hold since early winter. Nothing huge, just door casing, re-hanging a few doors in the basement, and maybe start patching some drywall that the kids cats had shredded while they still lived here. UGH... I am so happy to be cat-free now. I'm hoping it stays warm tomorrow and more of this snow melts off, I want to try to get a few things done outside too. I'm thinking about using the carport frame for a chicken run and just cover that in wire fencing. Right now I'm looking at saving $ anywhere I can, and not having to buy fenceposts would be a small help. I'm not sure about it yet, but I'm gonna look at it tomorrow and decide if its feesable. Right now, it's 8 ft wide x 16ft long by 8ft tall. I think IF I use it, I'll cut it down to 6 feet tall, just enough to get in there for cleaning and what-not. It's not as big as I had planned on making, but right now I gotta do what I gotta do......

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Patrice Farmer said...

I feel really stupid. I cancelled my order thinking I was gonna get some chicks locally but the guys dad died and I haven't heard from him so now I have to wait to order them again. What an idiot I am!

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