Friday, December 5, 2008

Upcoming weekend plans

Now that I'll have a weekend off with no plans to run here-go there-pick this up, I'll be concentrating on the basement......FINALLY! I'm taking everything out of the furnace room and starting over. All of Lisa's sewing/craft stuff will go in the big room, the shelves full of canners, stock pots, and jars will go in the 6x12 walk in closet area I made in this room, and then nothing will go back in there other than holiday decorations....yay!
I've been working on cleaning out the laundry room little by little this week, and it will soon be ready for firring strips and drywall. I have to relocate some plumbing and light fixtures first, but that's easy stuff......I HATE DRYWALL! ugh But....I'll get it done before spring. I want to make a hanging clothes drying rack for in there when I'm finished. It'll be something similar to this ( ) but I'll have one wall mounted, and another that hangs from the ceiling on a pulley system. I dispise running the dryer so much in the winter, and I plan to use this a lot. Now to get that wringer washer to match.....hehehe.
This room will get a slight makeover too. I brought in ALL my camping, fishing & hunting gear from the garage and misc closets in the house, and have way more than I thought. All combined it looks like a mini Cabela's store in here lol. I'll get it all organized and marked on the supply sheet. (yes- I track every single thing in here) I have a 20+ page notebook of things to stock, some I have, some I don't, and some I'm getting this weekend. When the big xmas toy battery sales happen, I'll be getting quite a few for the flashlight, emercency radio, and smoke/CO2 detectors. I'm also gonna push Lisa to spend another afternoon making candles so I can get some down can never have too many. I brought in the giant industrial first aid kit I had in my last work van, and will go through that and re-stock it too.
We're gonna make a few stops today when Lisa gets off work and try for some food grade buckets. I've read a few times about people getting them from subway and bakeries/grocery stores with bakeries. The plan is to clean and fill them with flour for now. Later will come sugar, rice, oats, and some other things.
Yep....that crazy stockpiling couple is at it again.


Patrice Farmer said...

If you can't find them there...could you try a store like GFS or Sams Club?

DivaHick said...

Wait, YOU'RE the crazy stockpiling couple, I thought that was us...

Chris W said...

Patrice, I didn't think to try GFS....duh. I'll have to stop there next time I'm out that way, mean there are TWO crazy stockpiling couples???? scaryyyyyyyyyyyyy

FarmerGeek said...

Hey, I know they aren't the cheapest ($10-20 per)... Homebrew supply stores! Food grade plastic bucket from 5-gal to 6 1/2-gal sizes. Or you could get the glass carboy's which will store the same amounts. The tradeoff between the two is the foodgrade bucket can get scratched, which you have to be careful, vs. a glass carboy can break, but it won't scratch.

The best part is that come empty container, you can make beer or wine!

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