Sunday, December 14, 2008

This weekend

We made our Lehmans trip as planned on Saturday, just a bit later than expected. We forgot to go to the bank on Friday to cash in some change for the Christmas Cheese Fund, and had a package to get out in the mail. We got there later than we wanted, but we made it and had a great time as always. I had Lisa pick out her own Christmas present there, and she ended up getting herself a soap making kit. I got myself a book on tanning hides and furs, and as always, a few small kitchen gadgets. I did my usual drool n' dream walk through their room full of Alladin lamps..........oooohh I'll have one of those someday! MY strange affection for oil lamps just won't go away, and the house shows it. There are 5 larger ones and 2 medium sized ones in the living room, 2 small ones in the bathroom, 2 small ones in our bedroom, and 2 medium and 1 large one in here, plus the hanging cottage lamp and 6 different oil lanterns. It's become an addiction! lol We ran into Divahick and Farmergeek and had a nice (but short) conversation. They were already done and ready to head out.....(Farmergeek-I know what the fat man is bringing you! LOL)
When we left, I spotted an antique store I had never seen before, so we made a quick U turn and went back. I love places like this. It's not the "fancy-schmancy" antique store full of valuables and things that cost more than I make in a week. It's more like a yard sale/flea market atmosphere with all kinds of different things. It almost appears like the place you take things leftover from a yard/barn sale. I loved it!!!!! Lisa didn't find anything she really wanted to get, but I was in heaven. I picked up a second safety razor, but this one is different in it uses the single sided razors. They had a Rolls Safety Razor there too, and I think I'll be heading back for it next weekend. I've heard a lot about them, and people I know that use them sware they do just as good as a straight razor. I saw a few pipes I wanted to get, but I resisted temptation and didn't get a single one. Over the past 3 weeks or so, I've taken to smoking a pipe at home in the evenings, and am actually smoking a pipe now filled with cherry cavendish. A post on BWH got me thinking, and I realized I had my dads old pipes sitting here collecting dust, as well as 1 or 2 that were Lisa's fathers. I love the smell of a pipe, and somehow it's relaxing and strangly soothing over just firing up a camel. I think I can get used to this..............

Now let me explain an earlier comment...."The Christmas Cheese Fund". For some reason, every year since we've been at this house, Lisa has ordered a big cheese sampler from a catalog at Christmas. They always come with all kinds of cheeses, crackers, trail bologna's, beef sticks, etc. We never ate all of it. Some of the flavors were just bizarre and nasty. I think one last year was garlic/lemon/bacon.....WTF? So.......we decided to do our own this year. We saved change for a short time for a "cheese fund" and went with $60 to spend. Of course, the ONLY place for us to go was Schisslers Cheese House, just north of Lehmans. If anyone ever gets to visit Kidron, I highly reccomend this place!! We walked out with all kinds of various cheese, totalling 12 pounds (give or take) and only went $2 over the budget. I imagine that was due to my small road bag of assorted cheese & beef sticks, and bottle of birch beer. Hey, it's a 45 minute drive home! I could have starved!!!!!

We got home around 3:30, I took an unplanned nap on the couch, and Lisa started her bake-a-thon, and didn't stop till 9:30 when we sat down to watch a movie that Bill brought over. Of course, I'm overstuffed on oatmeal scotchies, peanut butter cookies, and buckeyes.....I didn't get to be 6'3" and 225 by eating salads! LOL

I'd checked the chickens as soon as we got home, and had one brown egg. Before Bill got over at 8, I checked again-nothing....wierd. This morning I overslept (thanks to Bill leaving at 2am) and didn't get out to the animals till almost 10am. After feeding and watering the rabbits and birds, I found 3 eggs already. All still warm, so they hadn't been there long. I went to the garage around noon to get something, and checked again while I was there....there were 2 more. I went out a last time at 4, and taaadaaaa-2 more! Wow, these girls are making up for lost time. So, the total for the day was 7. Not bad for 7 out of 10 birds! 3 were green, 3 brown and large, and then that one little cute brown banty egg. They look so tiny compared to the others! It's a good thing Lisa is in baking mode!


mmpaints said...

Green with jealousy over the Lehmans store, wish I could visit it! Now that you've got the tanning book, you should check out a DVD on ebay called Practical Fur Handling, very cool with step by step visual and verbal instructions, worth the money! Way to go on the cheese fund and don't feel alone, I would have done the same thing for the ride home! LOL on the eggs, I bake a pound cake when I get stacked up with the eggs. Tasty way to use a dozen at a time :)

Chris W said...

I love Lehmans, we go down there 4-5 times a year. Every time we visit, we see something we never noticed before. We both have copies of their catalog, and both have things circled that we want....reminds me of the days grandma would give us the Speigels catalog to pick out something for Christmas. There's even a 3rd copy in the bathroom, LOL.
I'll have to look for that dvd, thanks for the suggestion. I just hate the idea of throwing away the rabbit furs, so I figured I'd give it a try.
Mmmmmm on the ride home I had honey dipped beef sticks and smoked horseradish cheese with my ice cold birch beer.
I talked to Lisa, and I'm going back again this weekend to get that Rolls Razor. Wooohooo

FarmerGeek said...

Hey! I got mentioned in someone else's blog! YAY!

Lehman's is an awesome store! I could so go broke there! LOL

I had to laugh since you beat me to a post about smoking pipes. I started with one of my grandpa's a few years ago, since then I have gotten a couple others. You are right on about it being relaxing. My only issue is that since I don't smoke in the house, I have to stand outside, and that is no fun when the weather is too bad. I'm sure you can find a tobaccanist near you, but if not, there is a pretty decent one down near belden village called the Briar Patch (small, but good).

But hey, good to see you on Sat!

Patrice Farmer said...

Wow, 7 eggs in one!!! It sounds like ya'll had a good day. And I agree, its better to buy your own cheeses than to order those things...who is the taste tester for those companies??? Anyway...good for you and Lisa in picking up something you both wanted!


Do you by chance have a single likeminded bother in Texas?

Chris W said...

Nope, no brother, just a sister that lives 15 minutes away and she is NOTHING like me. They grow a small garden, but it's perfectly spaced and layed out like something Martha Stewart would run...I imagine the tomato stakes are even something overpriced from some catalog too, lol. Just tomato's, garlic, and peppers for my brother-in-law to make pasta sauce. The ONLY thing my sis does thats similar to us is dry her clothes outside in summer. Of course, it's one of those round overpriced store-bought thingy's and is hidden behind the house so no one can see it....

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