Monday, November 10, 2008

Back from the dead.....sort of

Last week was AWFUL with the mess going on with the Saturn, I didn't get online other than to read emails.

As I said in a post before, the transmission went out in our '03 Vue. It turns out that this tranny is nothing but problems, and they are doing NOTHING to adress it. We had it towed to a tranny shop, who can't get parts or a rebuilt one, and their quote was $5800. Another found a used tranny with NO warranty for $3000, or could get me into a new one for $4900. Last and surely not least, the dealer quoted us $6100 =tax and labor.........are you kidding me??????? I was wrong on the payments, we owe a little over a year on it, so adding that with the cost of any of these quotes doubled what the car is worth, really NOT an option.....

Now comes the fun part.Hi mr car dealer man, I have $1000 cash and a 5 year old car with a blown transmission, and by the way, our credit is shit right will you sell me a car???huh???? Saturn only offered us a '06 Vue with a 5 speed, and Lisa doesn't know how or want to learn how to drive a 5 speed. Another dealer offered to get us into a new Ford Fusion, but our payments would have been $550. 2 others couldnt help. Finally the last one Lisa talked to called back and had something. We couldn't get too picky with our situation, but we almost had to have an SUV or truck since Lisa has a bad back and is currently having knee problems.
We ended up with a '06 Pontiac Torrent. It's very close to the Vue style-wise. It's a 6cyl all wheel drive, lots of options, and fairly low mileage. Lisa loves the color, I love the price lol. 2 weeks of jerking around and a bizilllion phone calls and FINALLY something we both like. When it was all finalized, it was 5:00 on saturday, so not all the papers could be signed or get the Vue there, (the tranny shop isn't open weekends), so we're going today to sign our life away for another 5 years....ugh. We were hoping to do away with car payments, but not much of a choice. At least the stress is over, and Lisa had a dependable vehicle. Maybe now I can get my head screwed on straight and get back to concentrating on things around here.......yay.


Patrice Farmer said...

Seems that everyone is having to do car payments...tis the season...glad your back though. I missed your updates!

Chris W said...

lol glad to be back. At least it's finally over though..geez what a nighmare. It ended up costing us more than we planned with paying the tranny shop $300 for what he was able to do, and the $1500 down payment, but at least it's a newer more dependable I like the idea of Lisa having AWD in the winter. WTH, whats another 6 years of car payments lol. We're working on more cuts around here, so it shouldn't really affect us the payments are only $40 more than they were on the Vue. I suggested a horse and buggy, but without the options of heat and a cd player, Lisa said

The Unusually Unusual Farmchick said...

Now you are going to have me freaking out and worrying...LOL. We had identical cars!
And it just got paid off a few months ago!
Best go find an old dependable vehicle for back up...just in case. There is no way we could pay for a new/used tranny!
ARGH! I'm crossing toes and fingers on this one.
I'll be back late Monday night from my trip. So should see you around town soon!

Chris W said...

Tammie I'm not sure if yours will have the same problems since it's a 5 speed and ours was automatic ('03 model), but it's something I would definitly look into. From what I read, it was the '03's and '04's.

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