Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Copper seems to love the blankets I have on one of my cots in this room lol. Only here at this house would the dogs get their own place to nap while I sit at the desk and read forums......spoiled boys.
We're still working 10 hour days at the hotel job, and it's really putting me behind on getting things done here. My list grows every day with the lack of free time, but hopefully I'll be able to get some done this weekend. (IF we don't work)
I have to get the chickens and rabbits moved and heat/lights ran to them. Of course, this means moving a pile of lumber and the tractor & tiller...which will be fun since the John Deere has a flat. I'll have to somehow cut a foot off the legs of the rabbit hutch since I'm a dips**t and didnt check the height against the garage doors when I built it and it won't fit, ooooops. I'll be running the lights on a timer, and probably be using halogen work lights under the hutches and coop as a heat source rather than an electric heater. I'll have to go get a few bales of straw for the floor and hutches too, but thats easy to find around here. We still haven't had time to get anything in the cold frames, and it may be too late now.
Normally I'd be more upset, but with the new job and all this overtime I won't complain. We need the money with the car being down and xmas approaching fast. Lisa got a $2 raise this week so that will help quite a bit too, as will the bonus's she's getting in this paycheck. If she reaches her quota of patients for each month, the docs give her (and the other office mgrs) $250. They kept forgetting about it, so this week she will have 3 months worth on top of her check with the raise......yay for an extra $750!! Damn car anyway lol that coulda been a heck of a Lehmans shopping spree...ah well.

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