Sunday, April 7, 2019

I have no idea if anyone is still out there. I haven't been here in almost 3 years...but here goes.

 Sometimes, life throws big changes at you. Sometimes by accident, sometimes by coincidence, and sometimes by choice. has severely changed, and it has all been by choice. 

 Through too many years of stress and many other issues, things became far beyond repair. Lisa and I split last March,  and I started a whole new life in Tennessee. There is a lot that has happened in this last year, which I will share soon, but the One Acre in Ohio will very soon be Six Acres in Tennessee.

 I'm debating on revamping this blog, or just starting a new one. I haven't decided quite yet what to do. Whatever I decide to do will be a whole new adventure,  starting from completely bare and new home, new barn and buildings, horses, chickens...everything new to match a new life.

 If anyone is still out there, give me some input on what to do...please.  I do miss writing here...



chrissykeet said...

Please do a weekly blog on your new life.
Show how your new land is coming along.

Angie said...

Please do start blogging again! I am just starting mine back up after many life changes too. Hope to see how you and your new land is coming along.

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