Monday, August 16, 2010

Things here have been fairly busy lately. The garden is doing great, though the cucumbers are a total loss thanks to this lack of steady rain. We didn't get in the garden at all over the weekend, so I'll be out there most of the day getting what needs picked and more than likely canning tomorrow. As of the last picking on Friday afternoon, the produce total stands at 760 1/4lbs. I'm sure that after taking two days off, that number will jump fast later today.

There's still no sight of a real job. I look and apply every week, but nothing. I've gotten a few odd cash jobs here and there though, so that helps. Last week a friend and I built a deck and I was able to pocket $300. I've never built one from the ground up, and though I was a bit nervous about doing the job, it came out wonderful. We were a bit slow because...well...we're pipefitters and not carpenters, but we got it done and the owner was very happy. Sometime this week I have to look at another house that has some drainage pipe clogged and replace that, start a deck repair, and still manage to get to the cement block porch rebuild that I've been holding off with this rediculous heat and humidity. It's been tough to do these jobs with the weather we've been having. I'm so used to being home and being able to come inside for breaks when I get overheated. Working on that deck for two straight days definitly wore me out. I slept like the dead Thursday and Friday night.

For now, I'm going to head outside (its 6am) and get started so I can beat the heat as much as possible. I'll do another post of what the garden brings today, and do my best to catch up with everyone out there in blogland.


Anonymous said...

I'm impressed with the amount of produce you have gathered!! Great job you two!! Building decks in this heat is hard work!! My son is tearing out his old one and going to rebuild. He has to get so many papers's just rediculous! Some neighbor called the city and said he didn't have his papers. He had no idea he needed all this crap done first....

Glenn Family Gardens said...

I think the weather might be decent today thankfully! At least the humidity seems to be waining a bit.

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