Saturday, June 12, 2010

Blog award?

A few days ago, debbie over at the Happy Days blog gave me a beautiful blogger award and asked me to respond by putting up a list of 10 things about me that you may not know. I'll do this one myself WITHOUT Lisa's in the response she put in for me 2 posts ago. She does think she's funny.

1-I DISPISE sports. I've never watched a game of anything in my life
2-I can quote Texas Chainsaw 2, Student Bodies, and Blazing Saddles pretty much from beginning to end.
3-I'm a professional steering wheel guitar player while driving
4-I'm an admitted and untreated peanut butter & jelly addict
5-I (we) haven't had any kind of cable/satellite/antenna t.v. since last January
6-I'm a HUGE list maker but tend to lose the notebooks that contain the lists
7-I am the last of my family name
8-I can't sleep if my feet are covered at all
9-I'll eat deviled eggs till they come out of my ears but can't stand the smell of egg salad..go figure
10-Anytime I am in a bigger city where there is concrete and tall buildings everywhere, I almost feel like I can't breathe. Cities make me feel like I am choking. Even little-bitty downtown Akron nearby. I can't stand being there.


small farm girl said...

Hey, I can quote Blazing Saddles too!!!!!It's one of my favorites.I'm going to get away from my t.v. too. It's a waist of time.

stella said...

lol an to think when you were here I COOKED, hell I coulda fed ya pband j's . I didnt know that. Now the cats outa the bag!

Anonymous said...

Great post! It's neat finding little things about people I think, and I knew yours would be interesting! I don't like my feet covered either, but I have to have socks. You are a true outdoorsman for sure!! and I do like the way you list things. My daddy was the last of his name too. So here is what I did. My last name was O'Brien. So we named our son, Brien. Then when he did something wrong, I'd say " O Brien!" his name still is hanging in there...debbie

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