Monday, March 15, 2010


Finally...........after over 4 months of reminding people and waiting, I have ONE picture of me from Halloween. YODARR the Barbarian lives!!!!!!
I loved the platform boots that I made. You can easily tell how big the things made me by realizing that Mike (on my left) is 6 feet tall. hahaha I stood over 6'8" with those things added to my normal 6'3". Hopefully I'll get more since they just now got around to uploading these on their computer. Mike's costume was awesome. That's not a mask, it's latex applied (glued) to his face! He won the best costume prize of a bottle of Vampire wine.
Enjoy...and laugh a bit.


Happy Days said...

Photo is great!! You two look just charming! Mike's costume is really good! He pretty gruesome looking! Looks like a lot of fun!...debbie

small farm girl said...

Costumes are great!

Kaegra Darastrix said...

Don't forget that my sister posted some of the photos she has on facebook. Lisa should be on her friend list otherwise I'll direct you that way.

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