Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving adventures

Early this morning I kept up a long family tradition of hunting for our annual Thanksgiving turkey. It's a long held tradition that goes back 3 generations in my family, and I hold that same tradition very near to my heart and will continue it as long as I am able to get out.

I woke early today, several hours before the sun. I sat down with a cup of coffee before I left, thinking about the hunt and thinking about the meal that will follow. I checked my boot laces, my knife, ammo, swallowed the last sip of coffee, and headed out the door in full camoflage from head to toe.

I soon got to the regular spot, and scanned the area before getting out of the car. "not too bad", I thought to myself, "I've only seen a few other vehicles, I should do just fine." I reached behind the seat, quietly loaded the 12 guage, and walked off in the darkness, walking carefully so I wouldn't be detected. Walking slowly, I looked around my surroundings, seeing familiar landmarks to mark my way in my head...I know exactly where I am going this morning....I know where they are.

I soon found a spot to sit, and hunkered down quietly, waiting to hear something off in the distance. After about 10 minutes or so, I hit the trusty slate call, hoping to hear that big tom off in the distance and call him toward me.....squak...squak....squak....nothing...dead silence. I waited another 10 minutes or so and tried it again...nothing. I was getting pretty frustrated when I saw something out of the corner of my eye....turkeys! There must be 50 of them over there to my right! Oooooo, out front! Look! That one's gotta be 20 pounds! I hit the slate call again and got no response at all, not even so much as a movement from them. I decided they were close enough, and slowly raised the shotgun to my shoulder, putting the bright orange front sight bead in the center of the larger one out front. I was pretty excited about the size of this bird, and had to take several deep breaths to steady my aim. Ever so quietly, I clicked off the safety and put my finger in the trigger....easy now....steady........ I squeezed the trigger and the roar of the 3" 12 guage magnum filled the air, rolling off into the distance like a mid-summer thunder.............................

I've never seen to many people in the meat department scatter before.

Haha, Happy Thanksgiving to one and all, I hope it's a great one for everyone, and thanks to Riverwalker over at Stealth Survival...I kinda borrowed your Thanksgiving post and ran with it, lol.


small farm girl said...

That was too funny Chris!!!!!!Happy Thanksgiving to you too.

stella said...

Damn it Dawgus, you are a mess!!!!!
Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.
Im still laffin.


Anonymous said...

Well for Pete's Sake!! I imagined those feathers flying and was hoping you made your shot! You are so so funny!! LOL pretty funny Chris! You are a hoot. I trust you had a yummy Thanksgiving. Are you getting the same snow flurries that we are? We usually have about the same weather. The roofs are all white but the ground must be a little too warm because we only have a little of the white stuff sticking! Time to get ready for what are you going to do in the way of decorations?? I can hardly wait to hear. They better be good....debbie

Leasmom said...

OMG, YOU GOT ME!!! I was right there hunting with you! You're a good story teller!!! That was funny!!!

SciFiChick said...

LMAO..... great one!

Barb and Steve said...

So funny!

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