Friday, September 4, 2009

I haven't written here in a while because, well, there isn't a whole lot going on.

The weather has been so odd that the garden seems to be on a bit of a standstill, though it looks like we'll be able to start picking tomato's tomorrow. The cucumbers are obviously done here, ugh. I'd like to buy some to make more pickles, but I refuse to pay 2/$1, so we'll just have to watch for a good deal on some. I'll do one last check on the sweet corn today, and it will be done as well. It was really disappointing this year. We did get around 60 ears, but most were barely 6" long. Still good eatin', but tiny. I'm sure there are more hot wax peppers to pick, and more jalepeno's. I was hoping for a good crop of green peppers, but so far we've gotten maybe 8-10, even though the plants are standing 18" tall or better. So much for a few big batches of jalepeno jelly, grrrrrr. Ah well, we'll just can more jalepeno slices and be done with it. After this picking, I may just go ahead and pull the plants. Even though I'd like to see 3 shelves full of peppers in the pantry, Lisa doesn't eat them...she's so picky lol. We decided not to pick any grapes this year since there are still around a dozen jars of pure grape juice on hand. I'm trying to get someone from my local group to come pick some, I really hate seeing them go to waste. I may take a walk around the orchard later and see how the apples are looking. If there are any worth picking, we may do another batch of applesauce again this year. That one is still up in the air. So.......hopefully this weather stays the way it is during the day for a while so we can get more done. *crossin' fingers*
Last weekend was the big wedding next door that I posted about a while ago. It was rather dull, and was actually totally cleaned up by 6pm with not a soul in sight. I did get some funny pictures though, lol. Bridesmaids all in nice dresses, and groomsmen in jeans and whatever they had handy. They DID get pictures taken on the LoBoy, then asked for trailer rides, LOL. I had the whole wedding party in the back at one time, then the bride and groom wanted me to take them by the road so they could wave at traffic. We got a few honks, a few waves, and a lotta turned heads with that "WTF?" look on their faces. It wasn't as bad as we all thought it would be, probably due to the fact that the inlaws refused to come to such a "hillbilly" event. My personal favorite in the pics below would be the boutineere the grooms dad has on his suspenders, lol.

We had friends from southern Ohio in for the weekend too. I wanted them to witness this blessed event, plus I just like having them around. We haven't seen them since the annual camping trip back in June, so it was great to have them here. They know I've been layed off so long and they also know that our water heater had been out for 2 months. They left on Sunday around noon, talking about all they had to do back home on the farm, so we shook hands, hugged, and they pulled out. About a half hour later, I was a little tired and decided I needed a nap. I no sooner got my head on the pillow when I heard his truck. There is no mistaking the sound of that new F350 4wd diesel he just bought. I figured they forgot something and walked to the door, only to see him pushing a new 60 gallon water heater out of the back of his truck. I opened the door to ask him what the hell he was doing, and all I get is "happy birthday". I *HATE* gifts, especially expensive ones. I'm a big talker, but when it comes to gifts, I embarras easy, and this one had me REALLY embarrassed. Of course, they refused to take it back, no matter how much I whined and complained. They came back in the house, since of course the 'farm work" excuse was just a reason to leave and go find Home Depot. He went to the gas station, found the first person he saw, and asked where one was. It was an expensive gift, one which I'm still not comfortable with, but I have to accept it. I think that I'm just so used to not having many friends that I forget what real friends are. All he said the whole time was "You'd do the same for us". Ben and Terry, love ya, you're great friends.
So.....guess what I did on Monday? LOL yep,replaced the water heater. The old one was so corroded inside that it wouldn't comletely drain, so I had to haul it out with around 30 gallons still in it. I wish I would have watched the guy who installed it more carefully, but we were in the middle of moving here and just hired someone and let them do their thing. NO unions, NO shutoff valves.......arrrgghhhhh!!!!!! I had to shut the water off to the whole house and drain it so I could solder on valves before attaching the new one. I had to get new steel vent pipe for it, since the old one had an automatic fan and used 2" pvc pipe for exaust.........NOT fun at all. But, its in and working just fine and the old one is next door in the neighbors scrap pile. I could NEVER be a plumber!! I can sweat copper no problem, but I hate working with small pipe in cramped quarters. Give me a big open warehouse and 21 foot pieces of 4" steel pipe anyday over this!!!
I'm still working on getting things together to start squirrel hunting. I need to stop at the gunshop and price a sling kit for at least one of the .22 rifles and get that installed. License went up to $19, and of course I'll need that too. Both will probably have to wait until the next check comes in since I have to pay my cell phone this weekend, and had to get my drivers license AND plates renewed this week. UGH that little stuff always adds up. I hate knowing that I just paid $75 for a 1x2 inch sticker and a piece of plastic with my picture on it.
It's time to head out now and take Lisa to work, then go get more sale groceries to restock the pantries. Did I ever mention that I hate grocery shopping?????????????????


Anonymous said...

Well Darn! I've been waiting and waiting for this wedding thinking it was going to be a real barn burner and here it was...just a plain ole hick wedding...geesh! You would think that the groom's dad would at least look half way decent. the bride looked pretty. Had to laugh at them wanting to wave at the cars - interesting thing to do at a wedding. Wouldn't have thought of doing that...

I guess all our gardens are coming to an end. I am getting no new tomatoes and the plants themselves are looking very bedraggled as are some of my flowers.

What a great friend you have to buy you a new hot water tank. Now THAT'S real true friendship. What great people they are!!

Do so enjoy your posts! you are so funny!!...debbie

small farm girl said...

Boy, your tractor look real "purdy". It made the wedding. That was really nice of friends. Your right, that is true friendship. Where do you go camping in southern Ohio? I live just across the river in KY.

Jeannetta said...

Haven't been following long enough to have known about the wedding, looks...interesting :D
I just wanted to say, I've NEVER used green peppers in my jalepeno jelly, if you want the fabulous recipe, I'd be happy to post. I'd hate for all those jalepenos to go to "waste" and not reach their full culinary potential ;)

Chris W said...

SFG- We camp at the same friends place every year. He lives in Rayland, not far from Stuebenville. He lives on one side of his folks and his sister on the other...they share 40some acres.

Jeannetta, Lisa found this recipe a few years ago and I just love the stuff. I do love HOT peppers, but with this mix, it's all the flavor of jalepenos, but really sweet with no heat. MMMM yummy on just about anything. I'd love to try your recipe too though. You can post it here or just email if you'd like.

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