Friday, July 24, 2009

Free groceries and other worlds

Today I got a call from someone who stopped and looked at the sailboat a few days ago. I didn't really expect to hear from this guy, since i refused to write something up saying he could return the boat for a refund if it didn't float. (do I look like walmart to you????) He told me he has a friend with a truck and would be over after 4:00. Sure enough, he calls later and comes to get it, cash in hand. No whining, no questions, no asking for a freakin' return policy. I got cash, he got a boat, and that was that.

Now, anyone who regularly reads this knows I have been off work for over 5 months. Money is tight, and our food stock is getting low. We decided to take this entire $250 and head to the store. Other than some fruit and cheese, everything we purchased was to return some to the shrinking pantry stock. 25lb bags of flour, 2 gallons of oil, 4 gallons of vinegar, etc. It didn't return the pantry stock to what it was 6 months ago, but it sure helped. So, thanks for Lisa's work for telling me to take that old sailboat and toss it in a dumpster, you just restocked my pantry. (almost)

Now for the "other worlds" part of this entry. Lisa works for an orthodontist office ran by three brothers. For the sake of privacy, I won't mention the name, or the 3 doctors (who are also brothers) names. To keep it simple, I'll call them Dr cool huntin' guy, Dr fashion, and Dr jackasss. These little names describe each one to a T. Dr c.h.g. goes out west pheasant hunting, lives in a large cabin home, and even got chickens after Lisa talked about ours so much. Dr Fashion has to have the latest in mens trendy wear, and the latest cool convertable sports car. Dr jackass....well....thats him in a nutshell. This is the guy who tells Lisa "things are tough all over" when she asked for a few hours of overtime when I was layed off....of course it isn't tough in HIS world, since he's taken 2 vacations already this year to Florida and golfs every Thursday at some uptight snooty country club. Yep doc, tough all over....jackass.

Anywhoooooo........while cleaning a bit more out of their office basement today, I found a misc box of books and papers that they wanted thrown away. Lisa and I are kinda picking through it all to see if there is anything worth keeping, (or selling), and she finds this little journal. It was written by the sister of one of the doctors in 1979. She was a senior in college at the time, and her little journal tells the trials and tribulations of their family life.

Oh........did I mention that these trials and tribulations were while they were on a family vacation to Europe? Yea...England, Scotland, and Ireland. The way she talks (or should I say writes) makes her sound like the long lost sister of Frasure and Niles. Uptight, snooty, and so articulate it's annoying. She details every part of the trip in outrageous detail, and describes every single meal as if she were a food critic for the NY Times. WOW.

This is what I meant by "other worlds" in the title of this post. Not a one of these people ever had to do without. Every one of them had their college education paid for by mom and dad. The 3 that I know are so used to having what they want, they have no idea what it's like for the rest of us. In her vacation journal, Dr Jackass was one of the family members that went along. She talks about him visiting numerous Irish pubs, and all of these things most of us will never see.

This guy has no idead what the rest of deal with on a daily basis. Late bills, shutoff notices, juggling bills like you're in the Barnum & Bailey Circus, trying to decide between milk and that prescription, things we have all dealt with at some point in time, he is clueless about. At times it sickens me.

Now before anyone thinks I am jealous, or just plain hate rich people, I have to explain this little rant. His statement of "things are tough all over" was a big slap in the face to Lisa, and to myself. He gave the same speech to another co-worker not long ago, nearly word for word. (hiya fidget) Now, I don't expect them to pay Lisa some outrageous amount of money just because they can, but I expect a little understanding from time to time . She didn't ask for a handout, she asked for some extra hours. 4-6 hours a week would be a big help,but Dr Jackass said no, of course as he is listing out his beachwear list for Florida vacation #2. There was no understanding at all, and I assume in his head, that few extra hours a week for Lisa might just cut into his golf budget.

Get real doc. If it weren't for employees like Lisa and little Viagra Pixiestix you wouldn't have that fancy car or that country club membership. Sure, you're the one who spent years in college to learn this career, but you wouldn't have it without all of those around you. Without an office manager, assistants, lab techs, financial people, and the rest, it would be you in a building full of shiney-mouthed teenagers all by yourself. Think about it. Try looking over that nose of yours instead of down it. We all didn't take treks across Europe with mommy and daddy. Some of us went to Kmart and A&W.


Anonymous said...

I hope things get better for you, but here Whirlpool is laying off a lto of people. Things are really not improving much dispite what the papers print and the government claims. Hang in there.

Jen said...

You so nailed it in that last paragraph. If it aint for the staffing, your business wouldnt be what it is now. ~Jen

Kevin and Beth said...

I got laid off in Feb. and it was great. I thought I had all summer off to work in the garden, and put up all the bounty. But NOOOOOO, they called me back and not only did they give me a crappy job but I was forced to take a $2 an hour paycut. Nice huh? They also called some of the guys back but made them come through a temp service and they had to take a $3 an hour paycut because our company has to pay the temp service.

We were forced to go back to work or we would lose our unemployment. Plus, the guys that are temps don't get any vacation or personal days or benefits. Now our bosses wonder why we have a bad attitude. It's funny how all the bosses seem to be gone every friday afternoon plus one of them gets to leave early every Wed for his golf league.

I've been working hard for this company for 5 years, I guess I should be grateful for the job but it's really hard when I'd rather be home making pickles and petting my chickens. Why oh why couldn't they have called me back in... oh ... maybe December??? Maybe late November would have been ok, after deer season.

Did you give them the journal back or didn't they want it? I am curious if the sister knew it was there.

I'm sorry to have blabbed on for so long. Nice post!

small farm girl said...

I know exactly what you mean. I put fake nails on rich women all day long. They are spending 100's of dollars on their hair and nails and my husband has been laid off since Dec. They don't have a clue.

Anonymous said...

Right on point, Chris. It would be funny if it weren't so heartbreakingly true. The layoffs, the unemployment - it's all part of the slow slide to slavery. The Elite know what they are doing. They got us over a barrel - total dependence on them. If I hear one more person say "...yeah, but we need jobs," I think I'll slit somebody's wrist. Higher taxes and lower wages year after year after year equates slavery in my book, "yeah, but we need jobs." Ignorant, incompassionate bosses, fewer jobs, more work, "yeah, but we need jobs." Why people trust government and the rich and highly educated is beyond me. "yeah, I know they treat us like serfs but they create jobs, and we need jobs." Freedom does not equal jobs folks. Freedom is property rights and the right to carve out your own way accepting the failures along with the successes.

Didn't mean to rant but I agree with Beth's statements too.

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