Friday, May 22, 2009

This week hasn't been one of those constant busy weeks, but we've managed to get a lot done around here. The whole garden is completely tilled, and we put in two 45 foot rows of beans, and the same of sweet corn. Probably next week, the rest of the plants will go out. Most of the greens are up, some beets and turnips are up, and the row of onions are all standing around 4" tall. I moved the horseradish from the center of the garden to its own area finally. The plants may look awful right now, but they'll all come back. You can't kill that stuff lol I've tried.

Last years new strawberry bed is jammed full of plants this year. That was only 50 root starts last spring! And looking at it now, you would never be able to tell that last week I thinned it out and gave around 120 plants to our friend Tammie. I'm thinking of making another bed the same size right beside it, and transplanting some of these to the new one. I just need the motivation to dig that much sod again, lol.

The small origional strawberry bed is just as over-run with plants. We moved some of the herbs to give them more room on one side, and I pulled the non-growing blueberries on the other side for even more room. There are quite a few plants in here with tiny green berries hanging already....mmmmmm.

I've been slowly working on re-doing the entire back patio. Lisa loves to sit out there in the afternoons and evenings. It's away from the main street, is shaded by the house, and overlooks the whole garden area. I re-worked the little pond and fountain for the 3rd time lol. First I had the water cascading over a birdbath, but that was unstable and kept leaning. Next I had it pump through a hose, up the tiny hill,, and through & out the old watering can. It looked great, but to me (laugh now Lisa) it sounded like a constant peeing. It made me nuts, so I changed it yet again. Now, the water pumps up in little jets from under rocks. It sounds more like a babbling brook or stream, so we're both happy with it. I got a load of free mulch from the neighbor, which did almost all of Lisa's larger flowerbed to the right. I need to get or make more soon to finish it. I still have to get on the weeds in the concrete and gravel, which may end up being sometime today. I'll try good old vinegar first, then if that doesnt work, I'll use a propane torch. We both refuse to buy/use any kind of chemical weed killer.

The new bunny greens bed is looking really good. Everything has come up so far except the carrots and the dandelions. I'll probably reseed the dandelion rows with some kind of lettuce for the bunnies, then do an entire 8x8 bed of dandelions when I get the other rr ties here from dads. There are more there than I though, the total he wants rid of is 8, plus 2 of those concrete parking bumpers like I used to make Lisa's little knome home herb bed. I know for sure that I'll make one more 8x8 bed next to the greens, I just have to decide where to put another one or 2 beds, and what to put in them. Maybe melons, maybe canteloupes, maybe more herbs. Who knows, we've never had a problem finding ideas for things to plant, lol.
Today makes 10 days for me of not smoking cigarettes. I have had four in this whole time, but considering I was a pack and a half to 2 pack a day smoker, I'm really happy with myself. I'm definitly feeling a difference after being used to it for 28-29 years of smoking. Surprisingly, I'm not grumpy lol I pretty much expected to be, but I'm not. I may have one every once in a while, but I have no plans on going back to where I was. I feel better, I dont stink of cigarrettes, and we're saving a lot of money. At $5 a pack, if I was smoking 2 a day, that was $70 a week! Now that's a lot of vegetable plants lol.


small farm girl said...

For you not having a busy week, YOU were busy! Good looking strawberries. Great to hear about you quiting smoking! Good Job!!!!!!

Barb and Steve said...

Nice work in the garden Chris! Congrats on quitting smoking too. Fountains that sound like peeing and drinking beer don't mix :-). I would've changed it too.
Have a great weekend!

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