Sunday, April 26, 2009

Today was a loooooong day outside, 9am till around 6:30, non stop except for dinner. (mmmm steaks on the woodstove over more apple wood with baked potato's & garlic butter) It was 80 degrees, and sunny all day. Can you say sunburned? Oh yea, I've got the normal spring farmer tan goin', and I'm practically glowing lol. No matter though, a nice warm shower with patchouli soap took the sting away.

I manged to get the gas leak on the International fixed, it was just a stuck float, yippee! This week I'll get a battery for it and get the mowing deck mounted and greased. My neighbor stopped over to borrow my weedeater and told me he would fix the John Deere for nothing, so there's another worry gone. He also brought something to show me that he found in an old desk at work when he was moving things onto a truck. Apparantly, the engineering/blueprint company he works for bought a REALLY old building full of antique office furniture, and he was moving a desk when he heard something metallic hit the floor. He picked it up and discovered that it was an 1865 2 cent piece. I knew right away that my uncle would love to have it, so I'm swapping him some hand tools for it this week. My uncle loves civil war era collectibles and old coins, so he should really like this coin. I'll probably take it to him on Tuesday when I make the weekly mom n' dad visit.

I got the new 8x8 bed filled with topsoil, tilled it, and planted some greens there for the rabbits. So far there are 2 rows of spinach, one of leaf lettuce, and one of a mesculin mix. Later this week, luckily since I can't mow yet, I'll wait for the dandelions in the yard to go to seed and collect a bucketfull to put in the rest of the bed. Yep, you read right lol, I'm busting my ass to grow supplimental rabbit food......spolied critters. I used more of the mulch from the new chipper and put it between the rows of seed beds. Lisa laughed at me mulching a bed of rabbit greens, but I figure that it would end up being the least maintained garden area, so I'm just staying ahead of the weeds now.

I ran more through the chipper and got Lisa 2 big wheelbarrow loads for her to do the larger flowerbed by the side door. She got to one of them after thinning and weeding the bed out, then dissapeared to the basement in her newly reclaimed sewing room. I had to snicker a bit while I spread the second load by myself, she's in her own little world down there. A world of quilt squares, unfinished/ unquilted tops, more fabric than a small Joann's store, candle molds, paints, dog beds, dried gourds, and just about anything else crafty you can think of. That's all fine by me, she's happy down there surrounded by all her "goodies", and I do love to see her happy.

I got the cold frame cleaned out so we can use it for more summer herbs, and tomorrow I'll get a load of topsoil inside it, and get some seeds started. I got the last of the firewood cut, split, and stacked, and ran more through the chipper. WOOHOOO, halfway through the brushpile! I moved another railroad tie down by the new bed and made a new area for the solar dehydrator. It's facing sue south, right at the edge of the open end of the field, so other than sunrise and late evening it will get full sun. I did a lot of yard raking and cleanup, moved more topsoil, (I REALLY miss being able to use the tractor and trailer lol I was using a wheelbarrow), cut back the old blackberry canes, cleaned up Lisa's flower weeding piles, ( she knows I will so she just leaves piles in the yard lol), took the snowblade off the International, and finished my outdoor time by painting the dehydrator.

When I got inside, Lisa hinted about another pile of her stuff that needed to come downstairs. NO biggie, just a few boxes..........WRONG!! Last year on a service call, a man gave me one of those hospital medical carts. You know the ones that hold all the needles, meds, bandages, and other hospital like stuff? Yea, thats it. Do those things look like they weigh around 150 pounds? Trust me, they do. I loaded it in the old van by myself, unloaded it by myself, brought it up the 8 stairs into the house by myself......all cause I knew it would make a nice cart for her craft stuff that was upstairs. Of course, there was a big sigh when I looked at this thing and remembered how $%*%^$&*)#^#$ heavy it was. There are 13 stairs from the side door/kitched to the basement, and everyone of them was brutal. You ever try moving a 150 pound cart full of crafty stuff down 13 stairs tied to a dolly with a flat tire? NOT FUN!

That fun little moving experience finished my day, lol. I sat with Lisa for a few minutes while she played with some fabric with the same inensity of a NASCAR driver in 1st place on the final lap. I walked upstairs, took my relaxing patcouli soap shower, poured the biggest glass I could find full of iced tea, and here I sit. (did I mention that somewhere between coming inside and moving things, I ran to the store for a box of popsicles? LOL I did, we both decided we're 44 years old and we can eat a whole box of popsicles if we want...)

So.......what am I going to do tomorrow? lol

We'll be starting the vegetable garden this week. The neighbor bought Lisa's rubber stamps that I've had on Craigslist for over a month, and that money is going straight to seed potato's and onion sets. We used up the last of last years storage right before Easter, so we decided to nearly triple this years plantings. We'll have a 45 foot row of potatos, and the same of onions. I'll have another area for onions for me to eat when they're young and green, they ARE my #1 garden weakness, and Lisa always tells me I eat too many and we never have enough to put up. Well....we're not gonna have that problem this year! LOL I'll have a few area's raked and ready, and she is stopping to get them on her way home tomorrow.


Patrice Farmer said...

Sounds like a busy day and you deserved that shower and tea. Its good that ya'll are swapping with neighbors. Good to have neighbors like that.

ChristyACB said...

You are for sure the busiest person I've ever read a blog on. Seriously, I get tired just reading your daily doings!

And I totally get your dandelion doings. They are delicious for humans too. :)

Anonymous said...

I just love it when you write a new posts. Know I keep saying that but it's true. You are just so funny and I do like hearing all the stuff you do - had to chuckle over you bringing that cart down the stairs to Lisa's room...I visulized all your huffing and You are a sweet hubby. Sounds like the gardens are coming along nicely!...debbie

Barb and Steve said...

Lucky rabbits! Don't forget to save some dandelions for yourself. Here is a link that tells how to make dandelion root coffee.
I've never done it but I do make tinctures from it for liver & kidney cleases.

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