Monday, March 16, 2009

Two post Monday and a plea for readers

Normally I wouldn't ask for anything from people here, but today I am. A freind brought something to my attention that I had long forgotten about, and now it needs attention.

As much as it totally falls different than my homesteader wannabe/country guy life, I'm a huge metalhead. I've listened to the stuff since I was about 11 and never looked back. I've long been into the Cleveland bands, (who never get the attention they deserve), and have followed many for a long long time. Several of these bands have managed to stay around all these years, some off and on, some getting back together after 15+ years....Breaker, Shok Paris/Aftershok, Wretch,Destructor........great bands, great guys. (Black Death-where are you??????????) My lifetime friend Bill even went to work with these bands long ago, and still does. (stage manager/roadie extroidanairre)

In 1988, the origional bass player for Destructor, David Iannicca, was murdered on the street outside the bands practice spot for nothing more than trying to get an un-invited man to leave a private party:

"In the early morning hours of New Year's Day 1988, Robert Bedzyk (inmate # A204234) murdered David Iannicca in a surprise attack without provocation. Bedzyk, a stranger, had crashed a small private party the band was hosting to celebrate Dave's recent Christmas Eve engagement to his girlfriend and his band's first major label record deal after years of hard work. Dave was the bass player for the band, who had a very devoted international following. After Bedzyk began causing trouble, Dave politely asked him to leave. Checking later to make sure he had gone, Dave was surprised to see Bedzyk waiting outside in the parking lot. Concerned about Bedzyk causing more trouble to the guests or damage outside to the area the band leased for their practice spot, Dave approached and asked him again to leave. When Dave refused Bedzyk's taunts to fight, Bedzyk plunged a knife he had hidden behind his back directly into Dave's heart, nearly cutting it in two. Dave was unarmed and unaware of the knife before it was too late. He was handicapped with a spinal condition and unable to dodge the knife. He died minutes later with his fiance and band members by his side. To this day Bedzyk has shown no remorse for the crime he committed and the lives his actions both directly and indirectly effected. In prison, Bedzyk was involved in the Lucasville prison riot, for which he paid no penalty. By his last parole review in 2006, he was still refusing to attend the anger management and victim awareness programs that have been repeatedly recommended for him. "

I did not know David, but I do remember the music, and still follow the band to this day. I've expressed my opinion before on these kinds of things before in a post about the convicted murder of a friend and co-worker, and will again now. This man has no remorse, not once a sign of emotion or apology to anyone. He's long since stated that the band attacked and held him, and that the stabbing was in self defense, but he leaves out one tiny detail.......the band attacked him AFTER the stabbing and held him until the police arrived. Lies, lies, lies. David was just 23 years old at the time, and recently engaged.

I write this now all for a reason folks. There is a petition available to sign to deny parole for this man. No one knows if it will really work, but as of this moment, there are 4048 signatures from all over the world, mainly metalheads like myself who follow the Cleveland bands and the small local record company who has supported these bands since '82. I'm asking any of the readers here to sign the petition.......lets try to keep this man where he belongs......


Barb and Steve said...

Just signed it Chris. Hope it works to keep him locked up.

Patrice Farmer said...

I signed it Chris.

scoutinlife said...

Chris just signed number 4077, I remeber the riots my Guard unit was activated an sent to Lucasville. Spent about two weeks of duty at that location with many other troops and law enforcement officers back in April 2003.

Bustednuckles said...

Gotta love a Metal Head Prepper, we are kind of rare.


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