Tuesday, March 10, 2009

and now....back to man stuff lol

WHEW.......I gotta work on covering myself after that last post, geeeeeeez. But, I think I have something.

Today I went to with my uncle to do some good 'ole swappin' with someone I met off my craigslist post for tools I was selling/trading. Of course I couldn't say "willing to trade for guns", so I just said "hunting items". I got a response from someone, and we talked back and forth in email, then realized we were writing 2 minutes apart, so I just gave him my cell number. He wanted my drill, and he had a couple of .22 rifles and a .50 cal muzzleloader, so I told him I would be out in the morning. I took my uncle with me, since he wanted to go to The Log Cabin shop, which cooncidently was 5 minutes away from this guy. Off we set at 9am, smiling about the thought of new rifles.

I get there, and he carries out the rifles. NICE! A Remington Targetmaster single shot, a Marlin 60 semi-auto with a 3-9x scope, and the muzzloader. I was alllllll over the .22's, but the 50 was a bottom line CVA, which didn't interest me at all. After talking a bit, I swapped a DeWalt drill for both .22's, and we headed for The Log Cabin. I think I was about 16 or 17 the last time I was there, and all I could remember was wall to wall muzzloaders and cannons. Let me tell ya, I fell in love with this place. More rifles than I could count. The walls were lined with leather gear, possibles bags, tanned hides, leather pieces, books, cast iron cookware, buckskin clothing, indian beading supplies, tomohawks.......ok, I'm in Chris heaven. At that moment the theme from Jeremiah Johnson rang through my head, and I wanted it ALL. As I walked around looking like a paste eating kid on a candy buzz, my uncle got the breech plug he had re-tapped and walked with me a bit. "hey Butch, you NEED that 32 caliber kentucky rifle, don't ya?". Nope....couldnt talk him into it, lol. I grabbed a catalog and we left, then headed to the gun shop for sling swivel stud kits and a new .22 cleaning rod. Again, I tried talking him into 2 AK's and a nice Armalite AR, but he only wanted an M1 Garand.....picky picky picky.

I dropped him off at home, and went to visit the folks. Of course, dad had to see the rifles and claimed the Marlin for himself. I told him to go ahead, and that I would take his Remington 700 since I just got the other Remington, and he could put that Marlin next to his other Marlin. Sounded fair to me, lol, surprisingly he said no. I sat around for a while and talked, mom made us both a lovely meal of frozen dinner mexican something-or-another (ya gotta mix those things all together and coat em with tobasco just to have some kind of flavor, just like the corned beef hash MRE's, blahhhhh), we talked some more, sharing more favorite shooting stories, then I headed for home.

Both rifles needed cleaned, and afterwards are spotless. I made a good trade. That makes three .22 rifles within a week, so Lisa gets to claim one. She likes the look of the Marlin, but likes the weight of the Remington better. I just gotta get slings for all 3 now, and possibly a scope for the Marlin 25. Looks like back to CL again.....

Yea.......gun talk......no more of that emotional stuff........what was I thinking? LOL


scoutinlife said...

You have 2 love 22. rifles! Aah Lord I hated the corned beef MRE back in the day........... I wished the Log Cabin Shop was closer to me my friend! Have a great day!

ChristyACB said...

Sounds like a fantabulastic trade!

And you have recovered nicely. ;)

Barb and Steve said...

What a good deal. Hey your soft side is okay too. It was sweet of you to post how you met. Throwing one of "those" stories in every once in a while is good.

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