Monday, February 9, 2009

My Answers

Basic Questions About You
1-What is the biggest goal of your lifestyle?-to be as self sufficient as possible
2-When did you start this lifestyle? around 9 years ago
3-What was your main motivation? We were both tired of paying too much for things we could grow/raise/ make for ourselves
4-Did you have any previous experience in anything you're doing now? Yes, gardening and outdoor skills. Lisa knew almost all the rest
5-Does your spouse/signifiacant other (if you have one) share the same ideas? Definitly, she pushes ME to go for new things
6-Do your friends and family understand and support these choices? What about your kids? Family-some support us, some think we're odd. Kids-don't get it at all
7-How happy are you with your achievements so far? Very
8-Are you more of a gardener, homesteader, prepper, health concience, "green"' or a combination of several? I'd say all of the above
9-Has this change of lifestyle affected your personality? Oh yea, i'm wayyy more laid back now
10-Has it changed your view of your life before? Of course, I see all the time and money wasted
11-What about how you view others that don't understand it or naysay? Well...I used to be really negative with people, now I try to talk and get ideas in their heads.
12-If you could convince someone to live the way you do in ONE sentance, what would you say? I ask people what they do with all the time they DON'T spend taking care of themselves...that usually gets them thinking

Other Questions-
1-How large is your vegetable garden? 45x60 veggies, 8x24 and 6x12 strawberries, 4x32 grapes, 4x24 and 2x48 blackberries
2-Do you grow any fruits, and what and how many? see above
3-Do you have any animals and what are they? (other than pets) Yep, 9 laying hens, 2 rabbits, and 3 new chicks
4-Do you can/dehydrate/freeze/store your own produce? yes, yes, yes, and yes
5-Do you work with mainly power tools or hand tools in your gardens and others? (wood cutting, splitting, tiller vs. broadfork etc...) I prefer hand tools. I like the feeling of being tired when something is done, it gives me a great sense of accomplishment
6-Do you compost? yep
7-Do you recycle?uh-huh
8-Do you consider yourself energy consience? (conserving to save $) Oh yea, definitly
9-Do you make any of your own household cleaners? almost all
10-Do you make your own bread? Lisa does-almost 6 months now with no store-bought bread
11- If in an emergency situation, are you able to not leave home for a week? How about a month? A year?? Not quite a year, but working on it
12-Are you tired of answering questions yet? naaaaa, I wrote 'em
13-If you prep, what do you consider to be your most useful tool/items-A good knife and a 22 rifle
14-Are you able to heat your home without gas or fuel oil? unfortunately no, just with camp heaters
15-Are you able to cook without gas or electricity? on camp stoves, yes, and also outside on a stone grill
16-Again, if in an emercency situation, could you live in the wild or out of a tent? ( camping,hunt/fish, cook,etc.) Yep, used to do that all of the time when I was younger
17-Have you ever practiced your prep skills? (turning off main power for a day or 2) How did you do? (this can include a power outage due to weather as a test) Yes, during a power outage and a few test runs here by killing the main breaker
18-Do you have the knowledge & skills (plus tools) to hunt and fish for food? Since I was old enough to walk
19-If you don't prep, why not?
20-Do you or can you sew your own clothes and make your own bedding? I can sew a little, but mostly thats Lisa's department
21-Can you field dress a deer, drink a coffee, smoke a cigarette, make a cell phone call, light a fire, AND answer all of my annoying questions at the same time? lol thanks for playing! Dammit, I just got deer blood on my keyboard and dropped my phone in the least my coffee is still sorta-kinda warm even though I left my cup on some snow after I spilled half of it on my last 4 smokes.


Leasmom said...

Wow, ya'll do so much! Amazing. I have to re-read this again. Wow.

Melonie said...

I really enjoyed this! Your questions (and answers) were fun and thought-provoking. I joined in:

Barb said...

Hi Chris,
I put my answers on my blog. That was thought provoking but fun. Thanks!

scoutinlife said...

Thanks for sharing all the insight!

Aimee said...

Hey, I put your questions and answers up on my blog, too:

Angie said...

This is a great post...i found it through another blog that follows you(they credit you with a link that's how i found you) This poll really makes you think about yourself. Great job!

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