Monday, February 16, 2009

Monday Monday Monday

Today was kinda lazy. We had friends in from out of town all weekend, and of course Friday and Saturday were late nights. Today I never heard the alarm go off, and rolled over to see the clock read 9:40am, ooooooooppppppps!

I made coffeee, fed & watered the critters, and sat here at the comp. I filed for my first week of unemployment benefits since I can't file till the first week off is over. Of course I'm still unclear about the actual amount of the check, but according to a few sources, it's going to be laughable. Once that was over, I sat here and made a new e-mail account and changed all of my group/blog/other listings to the new one. This week we're FINALLY taking that %$%#^%@ cable box back since the rates went up AGAIN. I decided to keep the cable internet till the end of the month so I can get all of this changed over and figure out why this wireless card won't read on this comp, but it's still going to be a good savings. The price went up last month from $113 to $126, so enough is enough. Looking at the detailed bill just makes me bang my head against the desk......a montly charge for a $#@&! remote control? Are you kidding me??? One charge for the "digital package", another for the "digital box", the one for the remote, another for the internet, ANOTHER for wireless internet, (apparantly its like in-house wi-fi), then handling charges and tax. Taking all of that off but the internet drops it to just $40 a month for now, then once I get everything changed and this wireless card working, it will be just $30 a month.

Today, even though we shouldn't, we sent in a second order for food-grade storage buckets with lids. We found them for $7.95 each, and shipping is only $12 no matter the order size. We ordered 6 the last time, and this time we decided to order another 6. After this, we're going to look into clean 55 gallon drums for water, plus a few 5 gallon models. Today I got my last full week's paycheck in the mail, so we're using it wisely. Money is set aside to get flour, sugar, cornmeal, and rice to fill the buckets, and the rest is going to small bills to get them out of the way. On friday, we went to the grocery store and filled a cart with a lot of things for storage as well. Then, when my friends arrived Friday night, (early surprise lol we were sitting around in pj's and long johns watching a movie), they brought a big cooler full of beef and pork to help out since they knew I was layed off. (thanks Ben & Terry!) Tomorrow I have a few errands to run so I'll have the Pontiac. Being down to one vehicle is making things pretty awkward, but in other ways, it's helping. Since last friday when I got the layoff, I have bought 6 packs of cigarettes. Keep in mind that before that, I was a 2 pack a day guy. So normally in that 11 days I would have bought 22 packs!!! I feel better, and so far have saved $64. OK so I have ONE good thing to say about this layoff, LOL.
Sometime this week I am going to try my hand at making soup and canning it, and tomorrow I'm making a full dinner. Normally this is Lisa's department, but I want something to do, and I want to learn more than just the "manly" side of things here, hahaha. I can cook, but it's limited, so I just want to learn more. Maybe I can get her out this summer splitting firewood???? HAHAHA not a chance.
Wednsday I have more work to do at mom and dads, so I'll be there most of the day again. I'm sure mom will have the usual attic cleanout pile for me to bring home as always. Last week I came home with a nice old cabbage slicer, a SWEET old ulu/crescent stly chopper, more fishing gear, a stuffed monkey that I had as a baby, and some glasswear for Lisa. I sware I dont know where all this stuff was before they had an attic!!!!! I *may* be helping to clear out a cousins place too since he's lost it and it's going to sheriff's sale soon. Don't feel bad, it's completely his fault for being an idiot and spending more than he makes. Unfortunately, it was my grandparents home, so mom is pretty upset about it. He swindled the place from my dying grandmother for $18,000 and now can't keep it. It was refinanced for god-knows how much to pay for an addition and remodel that was the worst hack work I have ever seen. The house is a wreck, but it's on almost 4 acres, so it should go for a decent price IF and WHEN it sells. The place across the street went to the bank last year too, 14 acres, nice house, barn, stables, workshops......sitting empty still. Sad, but again someone with poor judgement. We would love to have it since it buts into my uncles place (the one thats willed to me) but now our credit is in the crapper and we're too poor to pay attention. Ah least I have my health..cough


NVG-WmsFam said...

Where did you get your storage buckets? Vikki at

Chris W said...

5 gallon bucket with lid, $7.95, shipping:
Total Order Amount New Shipping Rates
Up to $60.00 $6.00
$60.01-$120.00 $9.00
$120.01 or more $12.00

TheMartianChick said...

You might want to see if you can get food grade buckets from a restaurant or a bakery. In my area, we get them for $1 with lids from a local ice cream place. Congratulations on cutting down on the smoking.It is a BIG step!

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