Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Trying to make a rotten day better

Today has sucked so far, no if's and's or but's about it, it's sucked. I woke up late, forgot to make coffee, got to work and froze, tried hanging 225lb pieces of pipe around 5 other guys on ladders, found out the fire inspector is having fits, ran out of concrete anchors, then had to pick Lisa up at 1:00. She drops me off so she can go somewhere with Holly and I head for the garage. The one bantam hen has went broody for a few days, so I seperated her. I come in the house, and see it TOTALLY trashed. The dogs somehow broke the gate we contain them in the living room with, and went wild. Trash all over the house, they ate the stale bread that was in the dehydrator, they ate about a half pound of coffee beans, they got in the cupboard and ate a container of chocolate frosting, a bag of egg noodles, shredded the bathroom trash, got in the trash down here, and ate probably a good 5 pounds of potatos from storage.

I toss their furry asses outside, clean the mess, get them back in and locked up, and grab a coke to sit, relax, and check my email. Guess what? No internet!! I walk upstairs, grab the remote and turn on the tv and cable. "this cable box is not authorized for use"!!!!!!! $%&@^#&*^!@ I get the last bill, sit on the couch, go through that stupid automated computer BS, then get stuck on hold for almost 20 minutes to talk to a real live person. The bill is in Lisa's name, so I have to run and find a paystub of hers since they need the last 4 digits of her social before they can help. After waiting for all the info to come up, they tell me it was disconnected for non-payment. BS!!!!!!! I paid $116.24 on Friday. Here comes the kicker........since the payment was late, there was a late charge, and that was considered "past due". YEP........they shut off my cable for a giant grand total of EIGHT DOLLARS AND SIXTY FOUR CENTS. I asked the girl-"are you kidding me????", to which of course she replied with "well........ummmm...ahhhhhh....". Forget it, just put 10 bucks on the debit card and turn my cable back on. After nearly an hour, I'm finally off the phone, walking through the kitchen and staring at the half bottle of Gentleman Jack I've had for a year........."wonder if I can chug that????" Naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa (should I mention that my cell phone provider did the same exact thing to me last year for TWO DOLLARS?????)

I've had enough of this, that was the last straw. The cable is going off at the end of the month. I've talked and talked about it, but never really did it. We always have an excuse, but no more, I'm done. Write me up for saving $113 a month. I can't wait to walk into that place and hand them the cable box and modem.


DivaHick said...

I'm assuming we have the same cable provider? Anyways, I got our bill which had DOUBLED since the last bill. Seriously, DOUBLED. I'm sitting here thinking, nope- I know I paid that bill earlier this month. Sure enough I had. Turns out, when I called to turn off our turbo boost for the internet (which cost $9.99/month and makes absolutely no difference to the speed of the internet) they cancelled our package. Then they bump it up about $50/month and have the nerve to give me a partial month charge from the month before.

I would totally get rid of them, but they are the only internet provider on this street.

And I was going to get rid of the cable, but phone and internet are costing $84/month and the whole package is (cable/phone/internet) is $92.

mmpaints said...

corporate pirates is all they are. Same with the utility companies. I haven't had "TV" for a couple years now and once you get used to it, you don't miss it anymore. I've got dial-up, it sucks when downloading things but it's $6 a month.

Barb and Steve said...

I'm having my step-daughter come over to help me with hooking up the computer to the TV & after that it's bye-bye cable. Can't wait. I think we'll be seeing a lot more of the big corporations pushing people around now that the economy is tanking. I just got a notice from CitiBank that they are changing the terms of their card (to benefit them of course)due to downturn in the economy. Just glad we don't carry a balance anymore. I think everyone needs to squirrel all the $$ they have away (from the banks & the stock market) & just keep enough in there to pay your bills. I've heard rumours of a "bank holiday" in the future. I know they are supposed to back up to $250,000 of your money, but really...where are they going to get that much money if a lot of major banks fail?
Chris, have a better day tomorrow. It's got to be better right?

Patrice Farmer said...

I tried turning mine off and was still getting billed the same amount, no savings because the internet was coming from them. So, until we move hopefully in a area they are NOT in we have to keep them. But, I hope you got your drink and things will get better. Some days its just like that. I scream all the time here...thank goodness not many people can hear me screaming.

Anonymous said...

When you're sick and tired of being sick and tired...
I got so tired of the cable taxes and fees going up, up, up. Finally I said to myself 'hey, I'm in charge; they need me.' So I cancelled cable about a year ago. Don't really miss it. I also got tired of them moving my favorite networks to a new plan that would benefit them because it would end up costing me more money to see those stations. Same thing with the phone land line. Got tired of the bills going up incrementally. So I cut the cord. Just have the cell now. Now I'm seriously considering cancelling my high speed internet offered through the cable company. The library's just down the street- free internet there and I got internet at work. Unless I can find high-speed internet for less than $30 bucks it may be gone by February. Never say "I have no choice" in any situation because then you are a slave. The banks may be next on my hit list. Denise


Just remember....if the world didn't suck so bad...we'd all fall off.

Chris W said...

hahahahaha Swethearts Mom, I gotta remember that one!

I've been messing around with that wireless card on the laptop, and it's just as fast as this cable internet I have downstairs...looks like a great alternative. We have 2 computers here, this old desktop and the 4 year old laptop Holly gave us when she bought a new one, so I hate to go without internet at all, I gotta do something. Dialup is out too since we dumped the landline a few years ago.

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