Monday, January 12, 2009

Snow snow snow

It snowed here pretty much all weekend. It started Friday afternoon and stopped Sunday morning. The total forecast was for 11 inches over the 2 day period, and we seem to have gotten at least 10 of it. The roads were a total mess till Sunday morning, so we spent the weekend in the house. I only had to run out once for milk, and I gotta say that Pontiac AWD did GREAT! The old Saturn would have been sliding all over the drive, but this one pulled out with no problems at all.
Saturday I finally got the chance to try out the snowplow on the Lowboy, or so I thought. That thing runs on 50w oil, so it was like jelly with this cold. I put a heat lamp on the motor, covered it to retain the heat, and let it sit. 2 hours later-nope, 4 hours later-nope, arrgh. I gotta get an engine warmer for that thing. I took my neighbors over some more eggs, and he sent his grandson over with the 4 wheeler to plow the drive for me. After he plowed his grandpa's and mine, they popped off the plow and spent the rest of the day with his brothers and cousins playing in the snow with it. They had a long piece of rope attached to a tube and ran that thing around pulling each other till after dark. LOL kids. I'm happy to see kids that age outside playing rather than spending the day attached to a video game.
Saturday morning Lisa was trying to find some recipes to use up some eggs. With just the 2 of us here now, and getting 6-7 a day, we're having a time keeping up. Even with giving eggs away to family and friends, we're a bit overloaded. She found this recipe for " Dutch Babies" and made a batch. Yummmmmmmm! It comes out with the consistancy of a big pan-sized french toast, without the toast part. Light, fluffy, and delicious. We ate it with just a sprinkle of powdered sugar and cinnamon, and it was so good that she made more on Sunday. I'll get the recipe and post it later when I get home since Divahick was looking for some more egg using recipe's too. I think we found our weekend breakfast food! lol


Patrice Farmer said...

The dutch babies sounds good. You could start selling your eggs if you get that many. Try with just a few customers maybe getting a half carton until you have enough eggs to do full.

Chris W said...

We thought about selling some, but other than a few people Lisa works with, we wouldn't sell many. I give some to my folks, sis, my friends mom, and the neighbor for now, so that takes care of quite a few.

FarmerGeek said...

LOL, you know you talk about the kids with the tube and the ATV? I seem to remember seeing it done with 4x4's and another vehicle's hood! LOL

Chris W said...

LOL When I was a kid, we "borrowed" a VW Beetle hood from my uncles garage to use as a sled. We smashed that thing to bits and he still doesn't know what happened to it! Another time, my dad fitted the tire chains from the lawn tracor to a gocart he made for us and drug us up and down the road with a rope. I really don't think those plastic discs were meant to do that LMAO We wore a hole in the bottom of it.

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