Friday, January 2, 2009

Our new years eve was incredible. We went with my friend Bill to Cleveland to see one of my all time favorite bands-Jason and the Scorchers. While I'm mainly a giant metalhead, I've always loved the raw energy and talent of these guys. I've always liked "southern rock" that was more powerful than the normal Skynyrd or Allman Brothers........Blackfoot, Molly Hatchet, and these guys. I last saw them in (I think) '87, and they performed exactly the same as they did that night. Jason is all over the stage, Warner Hodges (guitar) playing his heart out with more energy than Angus Young.....awesome! It's a shame that these guys never got the sucess or airplay that they deserved, they're way better than most that have. They're a bit different in the fact that they'll play a balls-to-the-wall fast paced song like White Lies ( ), then go right to an old style country song like Blanket of Sorrow ( ), then include awesome covers of 19th Nervous Breakdown, Take me home-country roads, or Great Balls of Fire. Luckily they did Harvest Moon, ( ), my very favorite song of theirs. Jason did a 2 hour show, with a good opening act (sorry guys-forgot your name lol whiskey someting). I'm glad we went. It was a great time with Lisa and my lifelong friend. 10 years with Lisa, 40+ years being friends with Bill, and 21 years since we last saw the band.....what a way to bring in the new year!

Yesterday was for the most part, a lazy day. We didn't get home till well after 2am, so we both ended up overleeping and getting up at close to 10. Oh yea, the girls were a bit pissed about eating late, lol! We sat around and talked, then headed to Lisa's moms for the afternoon. She always makes the traditional sauerkraut & pork, so we were all, her 2 sisters, and Lisa's one and only neice. Being stuck in a small apartment full of suburban women can be hell lol. The tv was on the Food Network, so I was stuck there watching Iron Chef America for 3 hours straight. Yup....I was bored outta my mind, but tried to keep some form of conversation going so I wouldn't slip into a coma or hang myself from the door frame. But.....we're trying to spend as much time as possible with Lisa's mom. She's 77 and her health is going downhill fast. I'm sure she gets depressed living alone, she's had a rough life. Alcoholic husband till he passed away, raising 5 kids, having one daughter than ran away almost 30 years ago and has never came back, and a son whom the whole family has disowned. I can't imagine going through what she has, so I have lots of respect for that woman. We'll probably head over there again on Sunday and take her some fresh eggs and homemade bread.

We ended last night watching 2 more episodes of a show on the History Channel on the 7 deadly sins. There's another on tonight, and we'll watch it as well while at the same time we plot out the garden spaces on graph paper like we do every year. I don't discuss religion, and won't on this blog, but I found that show interesting and educational. Maybe someday I'll go into our religious path, but not now.

Anyway......time to go start the car and let it warm up, feed & water the critters, and head to work to unload another truckload of pipe for this church job.

Hoping everyone had a great new years, and best wishes for 2009 to all.


Patrice Farmer said...

LOL, watching Iron Chef for three hours and trying not to hang yourself...boy I feel you. I'd probably fill that way if I had to watch America's Funniest Home Videos or the Cheetah girls or something-lol!

FarmerGeek said...

Hehe... well, anything that doesn't kill us makes us stronger? I dunno, I like Iron Chef when I watch it... always something small you can take from it for your own cooking.

Saurkraut and pork... you know DivaHick had never heard of that before my family and then she though that we were odd... good to know we aren't alone!

Chris W said...

LOL I really wouldn't mind a show like that IF they all used ingredients that the average person had in their house. I still want to know what happens to all the scraps and leftover food...I'm willing to bet it goes in the garbage. It just seems like a wasteful show to me. Plus consider the cost of the ingredients (not only $ but enviornmental costs) just for some entertainment and to please some judge who has nothing to do but try hoity-toity food and write about it....guess I've just got way too much hillbilly blood to understand city peopke, lol. Lisa still wants a show like that or any of the others where she uses inexpensive food and leftovers. Lisa's Leftover Potions, hahaha. She calls all her creations "potions".

Farmergeek, my family had saurkraut on new years when we could afford it, but never with pork. Mom always used HOT DOGS!!! Yea....not much difference between pork and rolled up pieces of what they drop on the floor.

You know there IS a chain that leads to hotdogs, right?? First, good meat is cut and packaged, the pieces left over are turned into
"ground beef", what falls on the floor from that is used to make hot dogs, then after the hot dog machine is cleaned, they make that "potted meat product" from the rest, lol. Or as my dad always said, "lips and a-holes" hahaha

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