Monday, November 24, 2008

ahh Monday on a 3 day week

The weekend was pretty uneventfull for the most part. Saturday I got the coop addition finished and will be getting the other chickens today or tomorrow after work, all depending on when Lisa gets the car cleaned out. Yesterday was a trip to Tractor Supply to stock up on layer feed, cracked corn, oyster shell, another feeder, and wild bird seed.
The dr's Lisa works for have 4 offices, and they all decided to start doing some charity work this fall & winter. Last month everyone donated cash to the local independant Humane Society, and this month they're donating to the homeless shelter (Haven of Rest). The back of the new Pontiac is loaded with things from her office, and today she is going to the other 3 to pick up what they have. We'll drop it all off when I get off work around 4pm. Just her office alone has 3 boxes of canned goods, a few winter coats, and a bunch of baby clothes. Imagine what the other 3 offices will have.
At home, we've had a guest since last Tuesday. My bosses brother is staying with us till this weekend. ( I knew him before from a week-long salmon fishing trip with his brother in '99) He's gone thru a bitter divorce and his company went bankrupt. He had a rough summer, some of which he spent homeless with nothing but his Harley and the clothes on his back. He's been working with me at that close jobsite, but all he has now is his motorcycle. He was fine till last Monday when we got the first snowfall, then was stuck with no way to get to work from the hotel he was basically living in. It took a whole day of convincing to get him to stay here, but he decided it was for the best. He's just waiting for a check from his attorney on some old business matters,which should be Tuesday, and will be catching a greyhound this weekend to start a new life in Wisconsin. He's not paying hotel costs or eating fast food twice a day, so he's saving that little bit for his trip as well. The bike is in storage, and he's set to go Saturday at 6am on his journey. In a way I'm jealous....leaving it all behind, going to a new state with nothing, and starting from scratch. I honestly don't know if I would have the courage for that big of a move. It's been fun having company here, and Lisa has loved cooking for one more person with an appetite. Yesterday she even taught him how to make homeade bread and noodles since he had asked how to do it; she really enjoyed that. It'll be sad to see him go this weekend, but he's making his big life change, so thats a wonderful thing for him.
Beyond that, there's really nothing all that eventfull going on here. I'll spend the next few evenings digging out all the christmas decorations since we have so much. Everything will be put up Friday and Saturday as always, even our cattle proof tree fencing. Yes fencing. With 5 dogs, we have to fence in the tree. Presents get chewed/eaten, ornaments get broken, lights get pulled....heathen hounds anyway, lol. So a few years ago, I made a 3 foot tall picket fence that hinges around the tree to the wall, making it as dogproof as possible without going to chain link with barbed wire and a mine field, hahaha. We tell people the tree keeps trying to escape when they question the fence...those damn artificial trees are pretty rowdy when cornered!! Luckily with the fence and being teathered with the lights plugged in, we keep it under control.


Patrice Farmer said...

Chris, I've done that many, many tinmes...leave everything or sell/give everything away, pack and move to another state. I've lived in 7 states and two of them I lived in more than once. This is the first time we've been in a house for more than a year...3 yrs actually. Its hard for me to stay stable but I am learning that there are some advantages to not spending half the year getting settled in just to pack up...there usually is a joke in my family...when I finally decorate and put pictures on the wall, its time to move! Not this time...I'm starting to enjoy the stable life...

Hope your friend has better luck in Wisconsin.

Chris W said...

He got a call from his attorney yesterday, and is meeting this morning at 8:30 to get the check. He'll be taking a bus to Green Bay tomorrow now instead of on Saturday and starting over there. It looks like finally after almost 2 years of court battles and troubles, he can finally make his journey.

Myself, I have never moved far from home, never even left the same county. It's doubtful now that we ever will since Lisa is so close to her kids. We talk about a small farm far away from Ohio but then the kids come up, and she just won't live away from them. We make up by traveling when we can though to at least visit different areas. Besides...we have wayyyyyyyyyyy too much stuff to pack and just move on a whim, we'd need an 18 wheeler or 2 lol.

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