Friday, October 24, 2008

Dead car...

Yesterday after Lisa got off work, we had to head out to get tickets for the Witches Ball on Saturday. We stopped to fill the gas tank, and went towards the store on the xway. As I was getting off the ramp, something grumbled and felt wierd in the car, I shook it off as the awful pavement. We drove 1/4 mile down the road to the bank, and as we pulled in, the car did it again, and once more as we pulled out. We decided to head home rather than get the tickets, and the car slipped, chuttered, whined, and jerked the whole way home......yep, transmission.
Of course, by then all the tranny shops are closed, so I get online to get a few phone numbers to call tomorrow (today). After getting the numbers, I get curious and check a few online car forums, and got a HUGE shock. Apparantly '03 Saturn Vue's are notorious for bad transmissions. I read post after post of the same things happening to literally hundreds of people on the same exact vehicle. Many stated that after talking to Saturn's customer care, they are well aware of the problem yet doing nothing about it. A few people said that Saturn offered to help by covering half of the repair bill, but most were dealt with covering it themselves. Now for the kicker....... EVERY person that posted had the same figures about repair cost from Saturn, every single one. The price????.......hold on to your hats.......$5-6000 plus labor. I almost fell outta my chair when I was reading this. There is NO WAY we can afford that much right now, not a chance. We're down to the last 6 months or so of payments on that thing, and now it decides to take a s**t?? I honestly don't know what we are going to do. We sure as hell don't have that kind of cash laying around, and of course can't take on another car payment. Even if we could, we couldn't get financed. Thanks to 20 hour weeks most of the early spring, bills were late and our credit is in the crapper. We're really stuck. Just when we were FINALLY getting caught up on bills, here comes this royal kick in the ass.
Luckily, today is Holly's day off, so she is coming here and running us both to work. I'll be making some calls to tranny shops today from work to get an estimate, which hopefully will be lower that the outrageous ones from Saturn, like that really helps anyway. Half or whole, we just don't have it. Lisa has to work tomorrow, and I don't know how she is going to get there. Work will be getting me a company vehicle soon, but that doesn't help a bit right now. I'm angry, frustrated, depressed, and worried all at the same's not a good day.


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Patrice Farmer said...

Jeesh, and you were just trying to figure out how to save money...sorry to hear that. I have heard that you can get a new transmission for $1,500 but that doesn't include labor. And I got that estimate in several states I've lived. That seems to be the norm...good luck.

Chris W said...

I called every tranny shop around yesterday, and not a one will touch it. Apparantly there are a LOT of class action suits against saturn for the transmissions on this vehicle. Every shop told me to do the same thing-call their cooperate headquarters. Lisa will be doing that on Monday, so hopefully we'll know more then. I'm not letting this get us down, so as I type, Lisa is getting ready for the parties tonight, I'm already dressed and made-up. hehe I'm a dead cowboy with a bullethole in my forehead and a noose around my neck lol. I'll bite the bullet tomorrow and call my uncle to borrow his truck again for a while. I hate to, but it's either that or I start driving the Lowboy to work! Imagine the looks I'd get with

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